Prototype 2 GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Kicks You Up the Backside

Richard Walker

This pre-order incentive for Prototype 2 available from GameStop in the US quite literally kicks ass, giving protagonist James Heller an additional animation that sees him injecting a Blackwatch enemy with the Blacklight virus, which then prompts him to bend over for a boot up the behind.

Gloriously labelled the 'Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker', it's admittedly not much of a pre-order bonus, as it's essentially a custom animation for an execution move and little else, but if you've already pre-ordered the game, it's a nice little extra, right?

You can check out a video of the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker over at Kotaku, or watch the latest developer diary again right here. Prototype 2 is infecting consoles everywhere in April 2012.

  • Day 1 for sure, but not from overpriced GameStop. They are good for 2 things. Charging too much. And my 7 day "game rental" service. lol
  • The first was very good and this one seems to be better
  • @2 True. Loved it to the very end and hope this one can carry it's legacy.
  • @1 I love the "game rentals". I had to though vary which stores I went to when the clerk started yelling at me that it wasn't a library.
  • Isn't there another preorder bonus where you can be in the game as a civilian?
  • That sucks Activision is publishing it. I wasn't going to buy it. I just know others won't buy it simply because of that. EA redeemed themselves many times over. I doubt Activision ever can after what happened to infinity ward. Same thing with Gamestop. Best preorders now are usually on Amazon. They also have better customer service than Gamestop. I bought Rage brand new from Amazon. It was missing the embossed slipcase. I called them and they gave me fifteen dollars. Gamestop would NEVER do that. Also was let down by Rage's lack of story and multiplayer modes that COULD have been great.
  • looks promising
  • big effin whoop game is dumb as sh!7
  • @#8 Wow! Thats awesome! How'd you manage to get your hands on it? Oh, wait.... -_-
  • can't get money from my credit card? help???
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