All Zombies Must Die! Shambling Onto EU PSN in January

Richard Walker

If you like your wanton zombie slaughter liberally sprinkled with a bit of cartoon charm and some bold colours, then Doublesix Games' All Zombies Must Die! should be right up your street, offering strategical undead twin-stick shooty action, with a bit of RPG thrown in for good measure.

With Square Enix snapping up the publishing rights to the game, All Zombies Must Die! will now be bringing its own brand of zombie-based mayhem to the European PlayStation Network at the start of the new year, meaning that once the chaos of the holiday season draws to a close, you can indulge in some playful 4-player co-op.

All Zombies Must Die! will be hitting the EU PlayStation Store from January 4th, 2012 and the US PS Store on December 27th, 2011.

  • This game looks fun first!
  • Zombies? Again? Really?
  • Totally original!
  • All Zombie Games Must Die!
  • cant this people think of anything else?
  • But they've never even released the last DLC pack for Burn Zombie Burn and the last trophies aren't obtainable. =/
  • Waiting for Super Mario: Zombie Koopa edition
  • @#6, Seriously, wth? Been waiting for Zombie Sushi forever!
  • Bah, of course it comes out in America first... how am I supposed to beat Vyrastas to 100% when he has a 1-week advantage? :P
  • @6 The DLC has been delayed until March. The actual DLC itself was finished over a year ago, but has constantly been postponed release due to their work on their other titles. Doublesix wanted to release AZMD before the DLC.
  • @10 Yeah and they also said they wanted to have it out before Christmas in the last post on their blog about it before that one lol. The damn DLC has been done since September 2010 and it's just been delay after delay with excuse after excuse. I want to see the DLC as much as the next guy but after this long I'm not exactly willing to hold my breath >_>.
  • @11 Yeah I'm well aware, I've been following everything they post since it was announced... I really want to get that damned 100% already!! >:|
  • Nowdays zombies games are all comedy... RIP Resident Evil 1,2,3
  • Ugh, I've never liked Zombies, I dont get why everyone wants to make games of them... This is like the 100th zombie title within a year.
  • Sweet, I know what I'll be playing once I get back from vacation. Watch out, DarkRaven!
  • Is this a dead nation wannabe or something!? @2: yeah, why zombies again, why no giant reptiles or fish or something else too keep things interesting :-P
  • trolls
  • Zombie game or so lame now, but if it has good coop up then it might be fun.
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