Meet the Latest Awesomenaut - Yuri the Space Monkey

Lee Bradley

A couple of new trailers for Awesomenauts have just swung into town. These ones introduce the latest character; Yuri the sadistic space monkey.

As is the way with Awesomenauts, Yuri has a brilliantly demented backstory. Apparently he was shot into space in the 60's, only to get lost in a time vortex and develop super-intelligent powers. With these powers he modified his battered old shuttle into an "an equally mad timetraveling supercomputer jetpack." If I was a super-intelligent sadistic space monkey I'd totally do the same thing.

Oh, and the Awesomenauts theme music might be the best thing ever created by man or beast. Check out the trailers below.

Awesomenauts is out on PSN in February next year.

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  • Yuri..... they should of done some research into what that is xD
  • @2 Actually Yuri is a common name in Russia. Your first thought of it referring to Japanese lesbian porn says more about you than it does about them O.o
  • @3 It's kind of hard not to especially for those who watch lots of anime like myself. But Yuri can also be used as a name for Japanese people too for both guys and girls. There's probably like 100 other uses for the word, but it doesn't change the fact on how funny it sounds for those who have watched yuri anime or live-action yuri tv shows and movies. But yuri isn't exactly lesbian porn, it's just 2 or more girls who are openly loving eachother. Hentai yuri though is what you're thinking of. For guys, the equilvalent of yuri is yaoi which again just basically means 2 or more guys who fall in love with eachother. But is possible to have a hentai yaoi.
  • Looks like League of Legends in 2D for consoles. I like.
  • Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. That's clearly the reference they're calling.
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