Crysis 2 Coming in November Says EA's Czech Website

Dan Webb

A retailer leak may have slapped a September 24th release date on Crysis 2 recently, but you know how accurate retailer release dates are these days... not very.

A listing for Crysis 2 however on EA's Czech portal actually puts a November 19th release date on it, despite earlier reports.

While this isn't an exact confirmation and these release dates are often estimates, it's as close as we've come to a release date from the source.

In other Crysis 2 news, we're heading out to check Crysis 2 in action next week and speak to the dev team, so keep your eyes peeled for a plethora of Nanosuit related goodness.

  • I loved the first one!
  • me too.... glad its PS3 exc..
  • edit: my bad.. isn't it on 360 aswell?
  • #2 its not exclusive,its multiplatform
  • the first one was only on PC second is Pc xbox and ps3
  • Crysis 1 on PC was one of the best games I've ever played! Crysis 2 in New York should be EVEN better! :D AND on PS3!!!
  • The first one was a masterpiece. I've spent over 400 hours on it, tells you how much a fan I am. I don't like what I know about Crysis 2 and New York so far, but then again we have not at all gotten any real gameplay footage of the game. I really can't wait for a gameplay demonstration, that will finally show me whether this'll be a masterpiece or not. Counting on you, Crytek.
  • Will this be made with the unique architecture of our wonderful Cell Processor in mind, or will it be dumbed down so that it'll work on a technologically inferior Xbox 360 too?
  • Crysis is one of my all-time most-wanted games. I could never run it because I only ever have crap PCs, but I always thought it looked brilliant and the fifteen or so minutes I played on my mate's computer were awesome. Reminded me of the first Far Cry, which I loved.
  • I didn't really like the first Crysis, but i will still give this a shot :D
  • I'll try out this game. Looks really intriguing.
  • I'm be happy to give this a go, but I really wish I still had a gaming rig. Something tells me the graphics are going to poor compared to the PC version.
  • crysis 2 should be better than the first because now its on ps3!!!!!
  • cant wait for CRYSIS 2
  • Played the first one. It was great! Might get this too.
  • awesome i loved the first one!!!
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