Ubisoft: Prince of Persia 2008 Was Not An Experiment

Dan Webb
When Ubisoft announced that their latest Prince of Persia, The Forgotten Sands, would be heading back to its Sands of Time roots, a lot of people took that as a vote of no confidence on their 2008 outing. Admittedly, that was my first reaction.

When we caught up with Ubisoft Montreal’s Animation Director, Jan Sjovall, recently, we bluntly asked him whether the 2008 version was quite simply an experiment.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Sjovall, “I think it was a breakout. It was groundbreaking in a couple of issues. For example, we tried out a couple of new things, like how you deal with error management because you couldn't die; having a second character like Elika; how to break the gameplay up in Prince of Persia between separate acrobatics and fights. So, it wasn’t an experiment, we tried to truly do something new and unique.”

“Maybe it’s being looked upon as an experiment,” he concluded, “but it definitely wasn’t one. We experimented a lot, but it was not an experiment.”

What does that mean for the 2008 Prince? Can we expect to see him return? Sjovall didn’t know and said that decision lied with the powers that be at Ubisoft.

“I really don’t know,” Sjovall responded, “It would be nice to see this. What the plan is, with either the POP 2008 or whether this [The Forgotten Sands] is being brokered into a trilogy, or developing the story of the original Prince any further, I can’t say.”

“We will see what Ubisoft management or the IP/franchise team wants to do with the IP.”

But. But. But... if they say no, what’s Nolan North going to do for work!?
Look out for the rest of the interview this coming weekend.
  • i liked the 2008 prince :( want moar
  • I enjoyed Prince of Persia ('08) a lot. I understand that some people may not have liked the direction they took with the series, I am a HUGE fan of the first trilogy too, but I still feel the Prince's first next gen outing was a solid game and would welcome a sequel.
  • I really hope that they put a sequel to the 2008 game into production after The Forgotten Sands. Sure the game had it's problems (like the repetitive light seed collecting) but so did the first Assassin's Creed and look how good the sequel to that turned out when they took the criticism onboard.
  • I actually loved the 2008 PoP and would love to see more along those lines. All they need to do is tighten up the combat a bit and it would be perfect.
  • just god PoP 2008, haven't played it jet, but this sounds good. coz so many people don't like it but still buy it (for the trophies they say, and I think they all still secretly liked the game:P)
  • 2008 PoP was a dream loved the artwork. a masterpiece to be celebrated ad infinitum!
  • Pop 08 was great game. We need a sequel
  • sands of time pop was a lot better than '08
  • I was really against PoP 08, it was TOTALLY different, had nothing to do with the other PoPs. I felt like they just slapped the PoP title on it to get pub. Eventually I bought it used for like $15, eh. It was decent. I MUCH prefer the 1st trilogy. If they do a sequel to 08, Id probably check it out. However TFS, IM definitely buying
  • PoP 08 was ok but very different
  • I bow my head in shame for 2008 PoP, the fact that they were being serious just makes me all the happier that they got their heads out of their asses this time round and made a proper PoP game.
  • i liked it 2, wasnt in2 my trophies like i am nw tho so i never 100% the game. the new im excited about, i loved the ps2 trilogy
  • idk I like them both so maybe they can alternate or something =)
  • the tilogy much bette than pop 2008 but still love it not much.
  • This is how Prince of Persia should be, i cant wait till May rolls along.
  • "But. But. But... if they say no, what’s Nolan North going to do for work!?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The man will become poor and homeless for sure! XD Fantastic joke, Webb. :)
  • I thought PoP 2008 was awful... I couldn't even sit with it long enough to platinum it. And it probably had the worst ending in video game history. Really looking forward to a return to form... here's to hoping they stick with it.
  • pop08 one of my favourite games.
  • I did enjoy the 2008 version but a couple of things annoyed me. The trophies for every combo and 14 hit combo are very grinding. The other thing was that you had to download the Epilogue to 100% the game - Game play was good though! Looking forward to the new one alot.
  • A box set of the original trilogy (GoW style) with trophy support would be awesome. Really looking forward to this title too (less so the movie)
  • I loved 08 version. It was something fresh on an old franchise. I think the new game is a cheap, movie knock off... they said the franchise was going to end after Two Thrones ... I believed them. I dont want to go back to that. Yes, it is supposed to be 1 1/2 in the trilogy, but that's stupid.
  • @#18 same here i liked that game a lot i have liked all PoP games this one just a little bit more because it was different im going to get forgotten sands and hope that 08 sequel will make an appearance
  • PoP 2008 was a fun game. I wouldn't mind a sequel or something else in the same style.
  • Meh, I thought PoP 2008 was the best one. However, Ubisoft sucks so I can imagine them never bothering with it again and leaving the plot unfinished.
  • whats nolan north gonna do for work? thats the most stuoidest question in the friggin universe he's done millions of voice overs no your shit people
  • @25 You realise that line was a joke, don't you?
  • [Comment deleted]
  • the 2008 Prince of Persia is the only one I have ever beaten, well...I have only played The Two Thrones before that, WHICH WAS GREAT, but it broke... but I liked the 2008 more. Hopefully they continue both of them since they are both awesome.
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