Replay Games Secures Leisure Suit Larry Worldwide Rights; HD Remake Coming Next Year (and More)

Dan Webb

The character that spawned a generation of love rats and lounge lizards, Larry Laffer, is set to corrupt the youth once again in 2012 as Replay Games today announced that they had snapped up the worldwide rights to the franchise. 

Larry’s original creator, Al Lowe, is on board with developer, Adventure-Mob and publisher, Replay Games, to not only bring the classic Leisure Suit Larry games to the Xbox Live and PSN – amongst others – in HD in 2012, but they’re teasing new adventures too! Hopefully these new comical adventures are point-and-click titles like the originals and nothing like that god-awful Codemasters game from a few years back!

Starting in Q4 2012 or as Replay like to put it, "as soon as it’s suitably awesome!", the team will be bringing Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards in HD to a series of platforms. Promising no "knock offs, no pseudo-relatives," according to Replay, "These are the real deal."

“I'm totally jazzed to work with long-term friend and Sierra buddy, Paul Trowe,” said original creator, Al Lowe, “He's worked tirelessly for years to get the Larry rights and return them to the hands of the Sierra ‘family.’ Working with Paul's team ensures that the world’s favorite leisure suit-wearer remains the same guy we all learned to love a quarter-century ago. I'll oversee the entire production of these games to ensure the highest standards and some amazing new adventures for my pal, Larry. It's great to see my creation released from his digital dungeon!"

There you have it, looks like the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN will be slightly more sleazy in 2012 then... and that’s nothing but a good thing, right? If anyone wants me, I’ll be making balloon animals out of condoms in a dark corner somewhere. Not that you’re interested.

  • You can never get enough Leisure Suit Larry! :)
  • Sweet! I've always wanted to play the originals! And the only two that I played were Magna cum Laude, and Box Office Bust. MCL was an awesome game and I loved it, but BoB just sucked so badly...
  • Oh no... Not again... So conflicted over humor, puzzle logic, and titillation at once...
  • Awesome news! it was one of the first quest type games that i have played back in a day. Now i just hope they will bring Leisure Suit Larry Love For Sail on psn ASAP!!!
  • These games are so fun, I just wish they were less glitchy. I currently can't finish Box Office Bust because the crane part right before the Bytanic glitched on me.
  • I still jig my computer to play love for sail every once in a while. Such an awesome game. I still own the originals. Shame they didn't make Leisure Suit Larry 8 explores uranus, now they might. Whats the picture with the article? A screenshot or artists conception? After larry I would like to see Kings Quest and Space Quest also remade. My childhood is coming rushing back to me.
  • OMG that's awesome :D I played them all and totally loved the adventures. And shame on you who mentioned Box Office Bust in one breath with the original ones. That were some great adventures back then, where you could actually die if you did something stupid - like, you know, cross the street :nuts: - and don't just get today's "I can't do this."
  • @7 like I said, Box office Bust sucked so badly. I don't even know how that got approved!
  • What they need to remake is Freddy Pharkus or Dr. Brain! Someone needs to buy more rights to these old Sierra classics from the good old early nineties computer gaming glory days.
  • First LSL, then Police Quest, pretty please. Oh man, that'd be great.
  • Nice to see Al Lowe stepping in to rehabilitate the LSL name -- welcome back!
  • Wow, after box office bust? I thought I was never going to see this name again. I loved older Larry games, but box office bust upset me so much I dont think I can give another a chance. And thats good its coming to the PSN and not disc based, because when I bought box office bust on release, it was only $14.99 New! Right there that told me the game would be a 4/10, and sure enough it was.
  • I think with Al Lowe this remake will be awesome.
  • Really?they put THIS and not RE outbreak??? life sucks sometimes...
  • Well 2014 when was this surprise to come out again?
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