Prototype 2 Combat Video Has Bloody Dismemberment Aplenty

Richard Walker

A rather lovely trailer for Prototype 2, showcasing the combat in an alpha state has emerged today, featuring loads of mutant-based powers, as Sergeant James Heller embarks upon his quest for vengeance, embracing his awesome burgeoning abilities with gusto.

In the video, you'll see Heller brandishing his claws to carve up enemy mutants and Blackwatch troops, as well as utilising his tendrils to create bludgeoning shapes and ground-pounding attacks. In short, it looks pretty damn good, building upon the action-packed wish fulfilment of the original Prototype.

There's also contributions from the dev team at Radical in the trailer, who talk about the combat in a little more detail. Check it out below. Prototype 2 is out on April 24th, 2012.

  • Alright, now I'm excited about this game. It looks incredible.
  • Not my cup of tea
  • First one was kinda fun, but I'll forget about this title, with all those stupid challenges unbelievably innachievables. Poor story good gameplay was the only positive point of the first one, they screwed it with this awefull story and the game kinda get boring after only a few hours. I'll pass thx
  • The first didn`t deserve a sequel, since it was a faulty, boring, saltless affair. The devs should`ve set out to do something new and fresh, instead of bringing us a second helping of this game. Besides, it looks worse than the first, with that new "hurrrrrrevenge"-guy. But this game is a no-no for me anyway, considering the fact that Activision is publishing.
  • The only combat system in the world is AC's . All the others are just shooting or trying to hit the opponents with ur melee and jumping to evade incoming attacks. Anyway, I'm still probably getting this I liked the first and this doesnt look worse.
  • The only combat system in the world is AC's? Yeah, sure, as long as we're in agreement that "AC" stands for Ass Controls... Anyways - on topic: like a lot of people, I found the first Prototype to be fun but rather inert; the controls and mechanics were too clunky and cumbersome...But everything the developers are saying and showing about #2 is exactly what I want to see and hear about an action game: tighter mechanics and smoother controls. I'm actually getting very interested in this game...
  • @6 Just like it's supposed to be. Here is my opinion of the first one: It was interesting,good story,tough enemies and challenges,gameplay was good and fun to enjoy,Graphics were a bit good,but they could have done a bit better. To resume it in a simple way: Prototype 1 was a extremely fun game,sometimes the enemy was a total pain in the ass,but that did not mean the game was boring because it gave a lot of freedom and action to hold out it's own.Now that Prototype 2 has that evade sequence,this game just got better because getting trophies like Hard To Kill were very difficult in one point of the mission for me because I had low health and no tank to defend the pump. This game is worth you money and the respect and legacy it left behind.
  • 5 on one was unfair in the first game. glad to see they fix that.
  • I loved the first game but getting Platinum rank on the movement challenges caused me to gain a few unwanted gray hairs! Please someone say that they wont return?! Time trials are my least favourite type of challenge, all the combat ones were fine and only took a few tries but learning that super big jump was a real challenge to me. Ah well i enjoyed [Prototype] for what it was and will probably rent this one.
  • The first time i ve played prototype, i said that is a boring game, but after the third mission, i said and i say it´s one of my favorites, the action is everywhere, no pause for relax, i find this game more interesting than infamous, after all, at infamous once you kill the enemies they do not spawn again, prototype have enemies and monsters in every corner. Even if i vote for "it doesn´t needs a sequel" it will be fun to play more of it
  • Batman combat system the bomb!
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