New Trailer Brings Us Up to Speed With the World of Prototype 2

Lee Bradley

There’s a trailer for Prototype 2 doing the rounds, courtesy of Radical Entertainment.

It's a brilliant primer for those that missed the first game (or those that have simply forgotten), detailing the origins of the story and taking us right up to the beginning of the sequel by introducing Sgt. James Heller, Infamous 2’s new “hero.” You definitely wouldn’t mess with him.

In addition to this, there’s also 20 new screens over in Infamous 2’s gallery. The game is out in April 2012.

  • You know, this actually looks pretty cool. I really did enjoy the first one, except for those annoying time trials.
  • Ya this kinda looks good I will get it when the price drop comes but its nice to see neat games come out still even with the sale of video games dropping like flies.
  • Even amidst the mediocre reviews, I really enjoyed Prototype. And, this is shaping up to look pretty damn good. I'm glad they're not totally ditching Mercer, though, for the new guy. Also, uppercutting a helicopter FTW!
  • I have have a feeling that mercer and heller are going to tag team to kill the final boss, which there is a strong chance it might be pariah! This is just my guess though so I could be completely wrong
  • This looks really cool. @ #2 Have you considered it's people who wait for the bin that's causing sales to be crap. Duh!!
  • Sorry I'd edit if I could but one more thing: Mr #2--In the future we won't have any "neat" games because people refuse to pay what these games are worth. hint hint...people like yourself will cause this always waiting for a $5 discount or picking it up second hand so the studios make no money. It's common sense.
  • @ Lee - Infamous 2’s new hero? Prototype 2's new hero would be more accurate. :) #5-#6 - There are always two sides though. On one side there are the people that dont like to pay the $$ for a game at launch and can cause problems for the studios from losing money to second-hand sales. But on the other side are the studios that pump out crap titles and slap a now more-or-less standard retail price on a game that cost 20-30% of a big budget game and expect it to sell just as well which is like spitting in the face of gamers, which casuses them to hold off until prices drop. So its really a combination of the gamers wanting to save money and the el-crapo studios trying to milk gamers that is really causing the issue to grow.
  • Its a matter of free choice: pay full price for a game and play it when its hot, wait till first pricedrop and play when its still somehow hot, wait till its 10 euros and play it when nobodyelse plays it. I do both.
  • LMAO infamous 2 new hero.
  • Wow, seems like even the staff here doesn`t care for Prototype. Not enough to write up a correct news article, anyway. But let`s be perfectly honest about this franchise; the first game was mediocre and repetitive, and sent up against the original inFAMOUS at release. A battle it deservedly lost. Whereas Sucker Punch spruced up their sequel quite a lot, Prototype looks to be the exact same thing. Can`t really tell if parts of the map are being reused. The new protagonist looks pretty lame as well, fueled by a generic "hurrr dey killed mah famuhly, i must taek revench"-story. Yeah, that hasn`t been done before.
  • LOL inFAMOUS 2 hero.You really screwed up on that one,but it's okay,we all make mistakes. Haven't forgotten shit of what happened in the first game,but this is a good recap of what happened,but you need to play the game to understand the truth that this trailer hides.
  • introducing Sgt. James Heller, Infamous 2’s new “hero.”
  • ive had prototype 1 for a while now maybe a year? and its garbage but after seeing that trailer its kinda making me wanna go try it out
  • ... Did I just see him dangle from a helicopter... and... uppercut it? Because seriously this game is going to be nothing short of amazing, I loved the first, I don't get the hate for it, maybe it's because it was published by Activision and everyone knows they're lolevilcompanymilkfranchiseandstealmonies or whatever it is these days. I'll be buying this for sure, although I'd love to see more stuff about it first, lol.
  • The first one was alright but lacking in graphics to the point where the game puts you off at first until you start playing it. I mean graphics are not everything but they add to the overall experience, I think Prototype was made for the PS2 but released for the PS3. I hope Prototype 2 is more advanced in every way like Infamous2 was.
  • #15 it WAS a ps2 turned ps3/360 game so was infamous but they did a bit more work on theirs while prototype was more of a "ugh we did the work...not redoing it" kind of attitude but i loved prototype even with some of the "f*** YOU" moments it had and 2 looks to be better then infamous 2 and im happy they just introduced a new guy instead of replacing the current one with a new guy with the same name like they did with infamous...that was a REAL let down
  • If they wanted to catch us up to speed, why not just have the mc EAT heller :P I liked Prototype. The controls were very precise - which meant it was easy to screw-up until you learned some control. The combat was fast and frantic, and even those challenges weren't so bad. but the main character was unlikeable - and the story didn't have enough points to be very deep. Also, those collectibles were notoriously hard to find. The gamestop ad for this game was 100% spot-on (if you remember)
  • This new Lee guy makes a shitload of errors. Way more than Richard or Dan
  • I'll wait until the bargain bin.. I bought the first one in a bargain bin and return straight to the same bargain bin 2 months later it was an OK game but no replay value at all and repetite gamplay and predictable story, anyway who cares if Actiweeatyourmoneyandmakeyoupayusforstealingyourcashsonsofbitchesvision loose some money?
  • I really loved Prototype and it was my first platinum can't wait for this now. I was a bit sceptical about the new character, but after seeing how the stoy will be it makes sense.
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