Would You Like to Get Your Face in Prototype 2?

Richard Walker

Would you like to be a citizen caught in the infected chaos and destruction of Prototype 2's New York Zero? Would you like the chance to be massacred by mutants or shot by the fascist Blackwatch law enforcement? Then boy, are you in luck, as Activision and GameStop have launched the "Get in the Game" pre-order promotion, giving you the chance to become a NYZ citizen in Prototype 2.

Pre-order Prototype 2 from GameStop in North America (assuming you're 18 or over, of course) between now and September 1st, 2011  and you'll get the opportunity to be entered into an online draw, where the winner will get a trip to two to Vancouver, Canada to visit developer Radical Entertainment and become a member of the NYZ populous.

"Thanks to this great partnership with Activision and GameStop, we have an incredible opportunity to offer gamers something truly unique," said Ken Rosman, Studio Head of Radical Entertainment. "In addition to just seeing themselves in the game, the winners will actually be able to locate their virtual selves and shape-shift Sgt. James Heller into their likeness.  Radical wouldn't be where it is today without our fans, and this is just another way for us to thank them for all their support."

To enter and check out the full rules and regulations, head here: http://www.gamestop.com/collection/prototype-2. Canadian entrants can enter the competition by pre-ordering here: http://www.gamestop.ca/collection/prototype-2. Prototype is out in April 2012.

  • coool
  • Somebody add the troll face.
  • @2 Could do an ogre but a troll? Not ugly enough. Great incentive though, good way to show appreciation to your public.
  • I'm not 18...
  • @4, neither is most of Activision`s target audience. Hasn`t stopped them in the past, eh? Thing is, while this is a nice little promotion (I liked Rockstar`s approach to it with RDR better though), Prototype 2 is looking pretty bland and generic. Sure, tendrils (whatever they were called), but that`s not worth 65 bucks. Way I see it, inFAMOUS 2 looks to be better superhero game in every expect. ....Well, perhaps it`s not as grimdark and hurrrdurrredgy, but you get my point.
  • LOL that would be so cool!!!!! @2
  • I almost read this as "get your face into the game" literally, like with Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Now THAT would be pretty slick. I'm surprised more games don't try to do this.
  • Hmm ... EA Sorts has been letting you put your face in their games for years. No contest necessary either.
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