Latest Rage Trailer Joins the Resistance

Richard Walker

We're always ready to take on authority, being the rebellious firebrands that we are here at PS3T, and we'll also be ready to take on the Authority; Rage's uncompromising, violent and totalitarian oppressors, when the game releases in October. Especially when it involves all out action and bloody gunplay.

This new trailer for Rage charts how you'll start out the game as a survivor emerging from your underground Ark into a terrifying new world inhabited by roving gangs of bandits and mutants, to become a heroic freedom fighter, joining the Resistance as part of the uprising against the Authority.

Check out the Rage Uprising trailer, then look forward to getting your hands on the game from October 4th in North America and October 7th in Europe. For more on Rage, give our latest hands-on preview a read.

  • Looks good, let's hope it isn't as buggy as Fallout
  • I'm getting this.
  • Epicosity :P
  • Now that's one hell of a trailer...I'm even more excited now!
  • Looks like a mix of Fallout and Borderlands. Reminds me Borderlands more, just let it be more free of choice like Fallout.
  • wow a bethesda game with good graphics... borderlands with a possibly better gameplay? oh well it better not glitch 24/7 like most bethesda tech... + wtf is the racing about
  • I can see it now. Bugs, glitches, freezes, loss of frame rate. Good old Bethseda.
  • Game Info Developer: id Software Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Anybody heard of the company that made Doom.? What about Wolfenstein.? Ringing any bells.? No, well i'll tell you this much, it wasn't Bethesda...
  • @1 Fallout was not made by id. 3 was made by Bethesda and New Vegas by Obsidian. GET IT STRAIGHT!!!
  • Rage...You have captured my interest!!! Now...I wonder if there is gonna be a good easter egg or role for a certain NBA rookie of the year 2011.We will see when this comes out.Either way,for me to beat this game...I must master the ultimate power that for every game it is nearly impossible to acomplish:ULTIMATE RAGE MODE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ok, I'm now officially interested :).
  • gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmeGGGGGIIIIIMMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
  • Take my money please
  • Thank you @8 and @9. Bethesda is the publisher of Rage, iD is the developer. I've read elsewhere that this game will have a massive install file to cut down on loading times. Be sure to have plenty of space on your HDD for when it finally arrives -- like 20 gigs.
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