Breath of Fire IV Heading to PSN in August

Richard Walker

There's a treat for die-hard JRPG fans next month, as Capcom has confirmed that its old-school 2000 JRPG, Breath of Fire IV is set to release on the PlayStation Network as part of the PSone Classics range, giving gamers the opportunity to visit the series.

Capcom's Senior VP Christian Svensson broke the news on a Capcom-Unity thread, declaring: "I'm told BOF4 (for the US anyway) will launch August 16th on PSN... to celebrate, there will also be BOF PSN avatars for sale that day too."

You'll be able to download Breath of Fire IV from the PlayStation Network when it hits the PSone Classics section of the PlayStation Store on August 16th.

[Via Game Informer]

  • Sweet. Great series. Can't wait. Okay bye.
  • YES! my favorite!
  • I have it but still, I am glad more people can get it. JRPGs are a dying breed, america hates them for some reason these days.
  • all right. now this game is worth buying
  • Woop!
  • Cant wait!!!!!!
  • Hope there's a PS+ discount on this!
  • sold my copy for $30-40, I forget, and this will be what, $5? Cant wait.
  • Owning it!
  • Nice!
  • Nice, I'll get this as soon as I can.
  • About damn time!
  • One of my best series of games, i will prefer BoF 3 but this BoF was also good :D but no more than 3 ;)
  • is bof3 on psn ? been dieng to replay it but my disc freezes after going to the arena
  • i will not be surprised if capcom puts an 15 dollars on that one, we can expect everything from them!
  • @3 sad but true.. fucking xbox and everyone wanting to blow master chief.
  • How about Breath of Fire 3? I am still waiting on it. I had to import the European PSP version of BoF3 JUST so I could play it on the go. Besides, I'm defiantly buy this.
  • I've played every BoF and IV was easily the worst out of the lot.
  • no trophies = no buy. It may be a great game but there are so many others games that are out i need a new reason to replay it.
  • Nice! Always wanted to finish this one.
  • I still play BOF3 (original disc still works yay). I dont think Ive ever played 4... might have to download this one..
  • My BOF 3 and 4 reatil versions works fine so No buy here, but if you add trophies on this MUST BUY. I'm keeping my CD's thanks
  • At #3....please stop generalizing Americans....i happen to have a library that has many localized RPGs in it. That's why adding that damned J in front is just plain ignorant....along with those who make assumptions like yourself, that is. As a matter of fact i still own my copy of BoF 4...wait, make that all the Breath of Fire PS released console versions. I was tempted to get the BoF 3 PSP version as well. I'll be passing on this.....BoF 4 was a good game but wasn't as good as BoF 3.
  • is there gonna be trophies for this game?
  • why didn't they put trophies ????
  • well actually for me i will be even more surprised if they put trophies in this game. if not, then its expected
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