Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Florent Guillaume Talks Tactics, The Future & The Beta

Dan Webb

Ubisoft Paris' Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has now gone through more delays than Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy... okay, so it's not that bad, but it's had its fair share of those pesky delays.

We caught up with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Level Designer, Florent Guillaume, in London recently to talk about what they've done with that extra time. We also touch upon whether the new cinematic sequences detract somewhat from the serious, tactical shooter that the franchise is famed for, what we can expect from the beta and much, much more. It's a Ghost Recon bonanza and you're all invited!

 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is currently slated for a March 2012 release.

  • Shit hes boring to listen to!
  • @1 hahah very true mate! i kept forwarding to the video scenes
  • The game looked like shit at E3. Go back to your roots with big open maps with multiple objectives that you can do in any order and first person.
  • Ohh man, I had such high hopes for this, I am afraid its going to the big I suck $19.99 bin in a hurry...
  • @1 @2 you guys are tough -- he's a level designer, not a spokesperson. I bet his French is a lot better than your English. Considering the massive delays this has seen, there better be some major improvements or I'll just skip it altogether.
  • "I bet his French is a lot better than your English." - harsh but so f***ing funny!
  • I do NOT judge a game until I play it-PERIOD.
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