Prototype 2 'Homecoming' Trailer Shows an Angry Heller

Richard Walker

Returning to New York City to find that its been reduced to a virus-infected pile of smuldering rubble, it's wholly understandable why Prototype 2's Sergeant James Heller is so pissed off, especially when he finds that his wife and daughter have slain and Alex Mercer - the scapegoat for this mess - is on the loose.

A man haunted by his loss, Heller is filled with rage and so embraces his new powers, treating them as a means to an end that will ultimately enable him to gain revenge upon Mercer in a final showdown. In this new trailer, we get to see Heller coming home from a tour in Afghanistan, entering the yellow zone in New York Zero, only to find a plague has descended upon the city.

Just wait until he sees what's going on in the red zone... Prototype 2 is out on April 24th, 2012. Check out our E3 2011 preview to find out more about Activision and Radical Entertainment's 'ultimate power fantasy'.

  • I got a feeling that he wanted a revenge on Alex...?
  • Way to go Activision, dont mean to make this a racial thing but it's good to see a black person in a game period, let alone the main character. Kinda sad that a lot of games today that allow you to choose your skin, dont have any brown toned folks. I mean, I had to pay just so I didn't have the same black avatar that everyone has being that there is only one offered on the PSN. Back to the game though, I hope they focus a lot on the story line and side missions because they have already succeeded in making you feel all powerful and mighty.
  • ^I feel you
  • I'm playing through the first one as we speak. I just hope this one isn't as easy, and short. I do agree with more side mission stuff though. Those events are what I find the most fun in the first game. The story is too angsty.
  • Wow, they`ve managed to make the protag look like an even bigger loser this time around. Luckily, I decided not to buy this when the Activision logo came up. In fact, I already decided this when the original came out, because inFAMOUS was miles and miles better.
  • $5, why does it matter who the publisher is? Activision isnt making the game. Just buy the game for its enjoyment, its actually a really good game. Hopefully, the second one will be even better.
  • @5 people like you man, manke the game industry starve.... anyways, looks sick and super inproved graphics COOL
  • I agree with five, somewhat, InFAMOUS beat this. However, InFAMOUS beats almost everything, so it's unfair to compare it. Prototype looks like an awesome game, so i'd like to try it out. Only problem is, why pit us against the protagonist of Prototype 1 right after we've finished playing as him? I would never enjoy playing against my onw player, dont see why anyone should. Unless the misunderstanding is solved, and the team up or something, I will steer clear of this.
  • First game was a bloody sick mess. In a good way, that is. Definitely picking this up. I don't care what color the hero is. As long as they don't make him a rapper/bloodthirty goon/anti-hero type I couldn't care less. I get enuff hip hop in traffic.
  • No white guy, no purchase. Jk
  • i bet it will be equally as repetitive. I remember everyone saying that Infamous was exactly like prototype but i enjoyed infamous alot more and the glitched hiddens trophy made it so much worse. Worth a rent at best.
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