Prototype 2 Confirmed For April 2012 in the US

Richard Walker

Activision has announced the launch date for Prototype 2 in North America, tagging the game with an April 2012 release, meaning you'll be able to get your slimy tendrils on the 'ultimate power fantasy' in about nine months' time.

Playing as Sergeant James Heller, you'll be crushing mutants and the iron-fisted Blackwatch military, before a final showdown with Prototype 1's Alex Mercer, whom Heller blames for the death of his family and the destruction of New York City. Check out our hands-on preview for more.

“We know our fans have been clamouring to find out when they would be able to get their hands-on Prototype 2, and the whole studio is excited that we can finally reveal the timing,” said studio head Ken Rosman regarding the revealed date. It's April 24th, 2012 to be precise. No other dates for non-US regions have been revealed yet.

[Via VG247]

  • i wish the new spider man game was like this.
  • Hopefully they'll drip-feed the powers and vary the mission structures in this one, I got bored with the same few mission-types and gaining a power then losing all of them over and over again. Conceptually brilliant idea and the first game started really well before getting really repetitive really quickly!
  • The first Prototype was my first PS3 game and I ofc liked it, the graphics and the gameplay were something quite unique for me back then :D I really hope that same happens to Prototype that happened to Assassins' Creed. Assassins' Creed 1 was liked, but criticized of too simple gameplay and being boring in the end, just like Prototype 1 was criticized for being simple and boring. But AC2 was great, varied and liked by a lot of people. I hope Proto2 will be like AC2, if you get what I mean.
  • You couldn't have put it better #3. That was perfect description of how I felt.
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