Latest Prototype 2 Trailer Demonstrates the Power of Tendrils

Richard Walker

In Prototype 2, Radical Entertainment is looking to really deliver on its remit of the "ultimate power fantasy" that it started with the original Prototype. Part of this is the suite of powers available to protagonist Sergeant James Heller who is out to kill original 'hero' Alex Mercer, who he blames for killing his family and destroying New York City.

Now known as New York Zero, the city is plagued by mutated abominations and fascist Blackwatch troopers all intent on ending Heller, but with the power of tendrils, you're unstoppable, as this trailer amply demonstrates in showing, with tendrils used to restrain enemies, throw them , whip them and more.

Check out the new Prototype 2 'The Power of Tendrils' video for more, then read our E3 2011 preview. Prototype 2 is slated to launch in 2012.

  • I'm really hoping they can deliver on this one, the first game was close but became so repetitive after a while; rather than ramping up the enemies they just constantly took your powers away over and over again :(
  • Still looks crap
  • Lame.
  • #2 & #3 wtf? That looks badass.
  • inFAMOUS was light years ahead of the first Prototype, and I very much doubt this installment will come close to touching inFAMOUS 2. And somehow, the devs have managed to make the protagonist look even lamer than the previous chap. For shame. And seeing that Activision is publishing it, makes me even less willing to support this title with my money.
  • inFamous was shithouse compared to Prototype, didn't even bother with inFamous 2, hopefully Prototype 2 is as good as the first.
  • @shaunnn191 Im sorry did you just say Infamous was "Shithouse" (I have never heard that term but I assume it is derogatory?) compared to Prototype? I respect your opinion and all bu- Oh, screw it I don't respect your opinion and you have just presented yourself as such a n00b.
  • Infamous is empty in the end with absolutely nothing to do. Killing enemies gives close to no satisfaction. Prototype is much more solid.
  • i had fun playing both, they are 2 completely different experiences (i must say that prototype gave me more the feeling of a (anti)hero then InFamous, but it was also more repetitive)
  • Craptivi$ion? NO thanks! I will not be buy a new game published by them at all and most of their games are crap anyways!
  • rubshhhhh inamous is the best
  • lol 2 years later and the inFamous vs Prototype feud continues. At least they didn't release both sequels at the same time again
  • fun to play for a few hours
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