Aliens vs. Predator Patch Detailed And On Its Way Soon

Richard Walker

Rebellion has announced details of an incoming patch for Aliens vs. Predator that will provide a number of multiplayer fixes for the game.

The patch adds a variety of weapon tweaks and balancing for multiplayer as well as reducing the lengthy waiting times for getting into a ranked match.

Incorrect XP distribution in offline modes has also been addressed as has team balancing logic for all relevant game types.

The patch has yet to be dated, but is on the way soon.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley commented on the forthcoming patch, saying: "We've been overwhelmed with the response to AVP and want our fans to know if it's within our power to keep them happy through ongoing support then we shall do so. Some things just can't be foreseen and it's great that we are able to respond to requests for modifications in this way."

[Via CVG]

  • stupid game
  • Glad they're sorting this, I love AvP online but the matchmaking sucks.
  • See Quantic Dream? This is how you support a game. Not by lying about how you can't find even one of the numerous bugs in your game and then going off to masturbate.
  • I wish they'd fix the demo too because the wait time is horrible! I know they fixed it a few weeks ago, but that didn't solve anything- for me.
  • If they sort this out, ill buy the new map pack.
  • this game suck ass. especially online....... the waiting times rival my local chinese. that sucks
  • disappointing game, disappointing support. trade-in was the only option for me.
  • Thankfully I only rented this game. Took it back the same day actually and got something else. Spent 2 hours in multiplayer, only about 30 minutes of which were actually spent playing.
  • Did I get a different version of the game? Average wait time for me to get into a match is like 5 minutes, maybe 10 when it's being crappy. I'm very interested about exactly what weapon tweaks they have going on.
  • dam looks like im not touching this game I wanted to do the offline multiplayer trophy thing lol oh well I know the game sucks anyways
  • I found the story modes to be alright. Made me kinda feel like I was in the movies, since they had a lot of the sounds and effects of the movies. But I could not get into the online gameplay. Played one match, got 3 trophies, and never plan to pick it up (Multiplayer wise) again. It sucks because I loved the multiplayer for AVP2 on the PC.
  • Great, AFTER I got all the online trophies. Welcomed news nonetheless.
  • Hope it comes soon!
  • Fixes on the multiplayer matches? Sweet, me and some friends tried for about 3-4 hours to get the six pack trophie and not once did it happen, this is a very welcome piece of news :D
  • Thank god. Its an awesome and with this this new patchm things will be even better. Thank you Rebellion. For those of you that say this game sucks, go screw yoursewlves and play Mw2. Noobs
  • ok game
  • by the gods... its about goddamn time
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