3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures Gets A Zany Sequel

Richard Walker

Golfing adventures of the miniature kind are on the way to PSN early this year (so one would presume that means very soon), in the spherical, dimply shape of 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2, which promises some crazy golf schtick for download.

Joining the 3D MiniGolf club are fully-customisable characters and courses, which enable you to tweak and adjust almost every aspect of your creations. There'll be power ups and short-cuts too, which you can factor into your own custom built golf heaven (or hell).

"50-fun filled holes in diverse locations, such as a Haunted Manor, a Manic Museum and a Winter Wonderland" will be in the game according to today's press release, though we're unsure as to how a museum could ever be described as 'manic'. Unless it's like Night at the Museum. No wait, that wasn't manic. That was rubbish.

Here's hoping that 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2 isn't rubbish when it launches soon.

Tee off to the gallery for more. Fore!

  • If the first was any indication, stay far away from this one, kids.
  • Thats awesom.
  • I think you're probly better off waiting for Zen Mini Golf. The original Ultra Mini Golf wasn't much cop but I had the Zen beta and physics/controls were pretty good, although it was slightly let down by dull holes which I expect to be sorted for release
  • i hope this doesn't suck, i love mini golf
  • The first one was average, but I'm a sucker for mini golf >_
  • The 1st one was awesome :)
  • The only game with "3D" in the title this year that should be on your radar is 3D Dot Game Heroes.
  • need to import hot shots golf characters. tiger woods 11 has a rookie on the cover he might lose ea sponsorship. mini golf is a good idea for a psn release.
  • What kinda of shows you searching for i hope i can help you to get what you want there is the brand in Bata which is specially made for the golf player i am using them in my course i hope you should try them.
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