The Callisto Protocol Patch Speeds Up Healing and Fixes Trophy Syncing

The Callisto Protocol Patch Speeds Up Healing and Fixes Trophy Syncing

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Striking Distance Studios has dropped a new patch for The Callisto Protocol on PlayStation.

The official description of the patch doesn't give a lot of concrete details on what has been updated, beyond adding “combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations, and general quality of life changes”, but fans have already spotted a few changes to gameplay.

The most notable change is the increase in speed to the healing animation. As captured by Reddit user u/beat-it-upright, the animation for healing has been sped up significantly, now taking 3-4 seconds in total to heal, rather than 7 seconds pre-patch. Reddit users have also reported that the weapon switching speed has also been increased, and that death animations can now be skipped, although this is yet to be corroborated.

“We’re listening and grateful for your feedback. More to come,” said Striking Distance Studios.

The update also fixes issues that users had on PS4, with the developer confirming that trophies should now sync via PSN.

You can read our full review of The Callisto Protocol here.

  • Honestly, given the length of this game, lack of enemy types, lack of bosses, lack of most things, there should have been no issues out the gate. After having played through one time, this is a $20 game at best and is a huge let down given that Glen is attached to it. Even the story is microwaved, rehashed meh at best!
  • The intro paragraph is confusing, as it only states the patch is on Xbox, yet later in the article there’s mentions of fixes for the PS4 and trophies
  • @JuggernautClone, Although they don't go through the trouble to give you a little 'thank you' for noticing their poor copy/paste work, they did alter it now.
  • Another shining example of why you don't shell out $70 for day one purchases such as this. It looked enticing but doesn't seem to be worth even half that price, given the issues it has and the very short playtime required, even for two playthroughs.
  • I made the mistake of preordering this game, but after hearing criticism and seeing reviews, I'm going to hold off playing it for a while...
  • Patches have absolutely nothing to do with fixing trophy syncing issues - all the devs have to do is push 1 little button in the dev kit, then wait a few seconds for the list to upload to the Trophy Servers.
  • @Creasy007 and @Terminator: Exactly!
  • @Cirative I mean i don’t think it will make any difference whether to play it now or in a years time. The game is ok. It wasn’t the best. But it wasn’t the worst game i’ve ever played. It’s just a cheap version of dead space tbh.
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