The Callisto Protocol Console Patch Released, More Improvements Coming

The Callisto Protocol Console Patch Released, More Improvements Coming

Matt Lorrigan

The Callisto Protocol has received a new patch on consoles, with more improvements promised.

Released over the weekend, the latest console patch for The Callisto Protocol should have fixed “frame rate and crash issues” that have been reported by players since the game launched last week.

The game's developer, Striking Distance Studios, goes on to say that it is “listening” to players, and “working hard on updates” for the game, with further details on improvements arriving this week. Specifically, many players have reported issues with the audio and lip syncing on character models, with the official Twitter account responding that the team is working to “address these issues”.

The Callisto Protocol is out now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

  • Do any companies test their games anymore, lol!
  • @EmptyFibers
    YEAH we do it for them :)
  • @2 - Truth indeed!
  • So fed up with gaming companies acting like the customer is a tester, I really hope customer rights becomes better soon. Full refunds no matter where you buy your game from, companies getting fined if they do not meet certain standards upon release, force the developers to release review embargos at least a week before release, something needs to happen soon.
  • I feel like trying to find all the bugs and glitches in games these days are infinitely more difficult than back on a super Nintendo.
    Calm down guys, cut them some slack. Unless you're a AAA game developer that knows the process, just let them patch it up and move on.
  • @5 While this game is not AAA it is not indie either, this game is priced at $70. From what I have heard from most reviewers is that you basically push the forward button the whole game, it seems extremely linear and is also a very short game. There is no excuse for the game to have all the performance issues it currently has.
  • Don't give a F*** meanwhile the PS4 trophy list has yet to be released by them? It is not available on the PSN servers. What is going on over there? Wake up...
  • @6
    I haven't had any issues.

    People are just so quick to bite down each other's throats. I don't know dick about developing a video game. But im sure the process isn't half asses like you all are making it seem. Nowadays there will always be technical issues with games.
    With every single game, there will be at least one person who experiences a glitch. Or a wall not showing texture. Or lips not syncing. It's gonna happen, chill out is all I'm saying.
  • @Profeelgood, Completely wrong attitude and the main reason why this CDPR style of releasing games won't change. I'm sure it's not easy and developers do their best but don't release and charge €70,- for a game that is technically not stable. Few small bugs, sure, but crashes are a big no for that money.

    OT: Glad I decided to wait for the Complete Edition.
  • @EmotyFibers / #1:
    Yes, they most likely do. But documentation and tests are the very firsts things that get cut when time and budget constraints get real because you can't sell their value to managers and subsequently investors (publishers). That's a problem across the whole software industry. Pair that with QA being criminally undervalued, often outsourced (read: nobody gives a fuck about their opinion) and also one of the first things to axed and you end up with the wonderful world of software we are living in now.
    What's really concerning is that this mindset of "ship now/get your ticket done - fix later" is getting a strong foothold in younger colleagues, probably not the least because of the gaming industry.

    It isn't half-assed at all, you are right. It's more like piece work, wild growth and a thick layer of "make it work" magic glue. At least the few cases I know of.
    A few issues are indeed excusable. But what the gaming industry delivers quite often would not fly at all in other areas (with excpetion of developing for the public sectors where it's just about milking the tax money)
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