Hideo Kojima Continues to Tease Next Game With New Logos

Hideo Kojima Continues to Tease Next Game With New Logos

Josh Wise

Hideo Kojima has revealed a tiny bit more information on one of his upcoming games, by tweeting out some new logos.

We don’t know very much about this new game, other than the fact that Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna are involved.

Kojima tweeted these logos out with the words “Start a new journey.”

There are a few Kojima projects up in the air at the moment. There is this one, of course, but there is also the rumoured Overdose, a horror game starring Margaret Qualley. There was some leaked footage of that recently too. It looks like it has some Silent Hill vibes.

Then, there is sequel to Death Stranding, which Norman Reedus accidentally let slip a few months ago. Plus, Kojima has also expressed excitement at the prospect of working with Microsoft on a cloud-based project. (Hopefully, this will be a Social Strand game.)

So there we have it. Who knows what this new game will herald; I personally hold out hope for another Social Strand game, like Death Stranding, but you don’t always get what you want in life.

  • @Josh, What makes you think this, Overdose and the MS project are not the same title? Doubt he has 4 different projects in development.
  • What does it say under the logo with the P.A.C.? My eyes aren't good enugh to read something that small.
  • @BDC36:
    Automated Public Assistance Company

    Robots running wild? Probably something about sticks and ropes.
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