PlayStation Plus Essential Games For December Leak Points to Mass Effect Legendary Edition Being Among the Latest Titles

PlayStation Plus Essential Games For December Leak Points to Mass Effect Legendary Edition Being Among the Latest Titles

Richard Walker

Once again, the next batch of PlayStation Plus Essential games have been leaked, following a leak from the same source last month, which proved to be entirely accurate. Leading the charge will be Mass Effect Legendary Edition, alongside open-world rodent martial arts adventure, Biomutant.

That's according to the very same leaky leaker, Dealabs user billbil-kun, who is seldom (if ever) wrong about these things. In addition to Mass Effect Legendary Edition (which bundles remasters of Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, new release ‘Divine Knockout’ - a third-person brawler - will be among December's PS Plus lineup.

All three games are reportedly due to go live as December's PlayStation Plus Essential picks from 6th December 2022 to 3rd January 2023. No doubt, official confirmation will drop from Sony soon.

  • Serious question, why does Sony often provide stella games, and Xbox has utter trash more often than not? Not meant as a fanboy question, I'm just curious as to how they can be such polar opposites...
  • @MajorLeeHairy, MS goes full on Game Pass and I guess try to make their 'vanilla' sub the least attractive (which seems to work). Also I'm sure MS pays quite a lot to get so many 3rd party day 1 releases on Game Pass, which means less money to spend on Gold, but I think they're really not trying if you see what crap they give (btw this is not official, just think that's their strategy).

    OT: Would be a very good month, my EA Play sub ran out so having Mass Effect in my collection is even better.
  • Definitely a great month! That’s basically 4 games for me to play, and I’ve always wanted to try Biomutant.
  • Yes! Been so close to pick up the legendary edition but I have been holding off waiting for a good moment and this is finally it. I only played ME2 during the PS3 era and missed out on the other games. Fantastic month.
  • Nice! I’ve been wanting to dive back into mass effect. Haven’t played the first since I was on Xbox.
  • never played a Mass Effect game ever, are they worth giving the series a try?
  • @6 Absolutely. I consider the Mass Effect trilogy to be amongst my favorite games. Admittedly the first game is probably a little rough gameplay-wise for modern audiences but these games are mainly about the story and characters.
  • @2. Thank you. That is exactly what I assumed, but I wondered whether there was a deeper reason than that. Until the advent of the PlayStation Game Pass, I was under the impression that maybe it had something to do with Xbox paying for titles releasing day one on their service. I then suspected that the quality that Sony offered for their base tier would dip, because they would look to do similar, but thus far, that doesn't seem to be the case. Really curious to know the strategies of the two companies...
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