Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion Releases Next Week With New Parks to Build, New Species, and Much More

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion Releases Next Week With New Parks to Build, New Species, and Much More

Richard Walker

Frontier Developments and Universal Games have announced that a new Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion DLC will be launching next week, bringing with it a Jurassic World Dominion prequel campaign. Leading a new enterprise in Malta, you'll work with Cabot Finch to set up three new parks in Mediterranean locations, with new reaearch upgrades, and dino species.

A “star-studded” cast will feature alongside Finch, including Kayla Watts (voiced by DeWanda Wise), Soyona Santos (voiced by Dichen Lachman), Barry Sembène (voiced by Omar Sy), and Lewis Dodgson (voiced by Campbell Scott). During the latest DLC campaign, you'll have to choose whether to align with the Authorities or the Underground, as both take an interest in your new operation.

Whichever you choose will unlock additional research opportunities, leading to hatchery upgrades, new locations, and more. You can also switch between each of the three islands to manage your new dinosaur facilities, using a cargo ship to transport species between them. An all-new Dinosaur Exchange feature will enable you to acquire more species, eggs, and genomes, too.

A selection of movie-inspired buildings, like the Acquisition Centre, as well as new vehicle skins and Mediterranean-style decorations round out the DLC, while the new species include the savage Atrociraptor, the omnivorous Oviraptor, the diminutive Tyrannosauroid Moros Intrepidus, and squat, tusked Lystrosaurus. Dominion-inspired dino variants and skins are also includes, like the Allosaurus, Dimorphodon, and battle-scarred Carnotaurus.

The Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion releases on 8th December for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, priced $19.99/£15.99. A free update will also roll out on the same day, with new attacking and eating behaviours for smaller species, new skin and pattern colours for select dinosaur variants, and various quality of life improvements. Five ‘DFW’ Campaign levels will also be available as Challenge Mode maps. 

  • Looks cool ... I was really tempted to pick up a physical copy of this Black Friday (Gamestop had it for $29.99). But, it is really best to play the game with park mechanics finalized and all content and dinos available.

    They are still trickling out content and changing things, and releasing DLC. The core game is on sale, but none of the DLCs are ... if I bought the game for $29.99, it would cost $63.95 on top of that to get all the DLC, excluding the one they just announced. Counting that, it'd be $83.94 on top of the cost of the core game to able to have a full experience!

    That is ridiculous. For JW1, they never released a "all included" bundle either. I did get the DLC for JW1 for pennies on the dollar in a Christmas sale one year.

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