Sonic Frontiers To Be 'Cornerstone of Future Sonic Games' Sonic Team Reiterates

Sonic Frontiers To Be 'Cornerstone of Future Sonic Games' Sonic Team Reiterates

Richard Walker

Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka has reiterated that Sonic Frontiers will serve as the “cornerstone of future Sonic games”, as Sonic Adventure was when it launched for SEGA's Dreamcast in December 1998. This echoes comments regarding the game, before its official reveal back in June 2021.

“Just like Sonic Adventure, our goal for Sonic Frontiers was to create a game that would be the cornerstone of future Sonic games,” Iizuka told Sector during an interview. "It is a brand-new approach for the franchise, but we have been conscious to honour Sonic's roots as well - the game still needs to feel like a Sonic game."

Seemingly, the ‘Open Zone’ template from Sonic Frontiers will be a mainstay for the series going forward, then, allowing for a tip of the hat to Sonic's past in Cyberspace stages, alongside the modern-style 3D action gameplay.

“Our goal with Sonic Frontiers was to evolve the linear, stage-clearing 3D action that began with Sonic Adventure in 1998 into a new action-packed adventure game where players have the freedom to explore the environment around them,” Iizuka added.

"We know many players love exploring expansive worlds with no predetermined path and that's what we set out to achieve with our new open-zone platforming concept. I am very excited for Sonic to join this revolutionary step in immersive gaming worlds."

Sonic Frontiers is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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  • The fact that 2 weeks after launch I can already pick this game up for €30,- doesn't bode well for the future of Sonic...
  • @1 Their release date was pretty unfortunate tbh, right beside the likes of MWII, God Of War Ragnarök and Pokemon, it also black friday so expect discounts for certain games, I am seeing Ragnarök för €59.99 instead of €69.99
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