Control 2: Seven Things We Dare to Dream Of For Remedy's Mysterious Sequel

Control 2: Seven Things We Dare to Dream Of For Remedy's Mysterious Sequel

Josh Wise

Remedy is out of control. Not only are we getting Alan Wake 2 and a remake of Max Payne, but the developer has now announced that it is working on a sequel to Control. Yesterday, franchise game director Mikael Kasurinen said, “With Control 2, we’ll take another leap into the unknown. It’ll be an unexpected journey. It’ll take a while, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on.” So, other than an unexpected journey, what can we expect? Here are seven things that Control 2 could turn out to be.

Crossover with Max Payne

Control was defined by its heroine’s ability to hop not just through space and time, but across the patented boundaries of intellectual property. Toward the game’s denouement, we got a dose of Alan Wake (Remedy acquired the rights to the IP, allowing such a crossover), but what from the sequel? Given that a Max Payne remake is in the works, and that Rockstar is happy to lease out the IP, perhaps Jesse can leap into Max’s world. If so, what kind of world would that be – the slush-laden New York of the early games or the liquored swelter of Max Payne 3? I, for one, would like to see Jesse don a Hawaiian shirt, as Max did, and start mulching the yachts of the super-rich with a pair of Uzis. But that may just be me.


Quantum Break Team Up

If not Max Payne, then maybe Remedy will look to cut a deal with Microsoft and dip back into Quantum Break. The plot of that game was small stuff, all about the breakage of the universe, and its hero, Jack Joyce, could summon bubbles in which time grew soapy and still. His powers would surely complement Jesse’s, and the two of them would make for a great duo. He was doomy and dull, haunted by the uncrackable nature of chronology (“I’ve tried to change things, undo mistakes, only to find there’s no changing the inevitable”); while she briefed us for strangeness early on (“Fair warning: This is going to be... weirder than usual”). Otherwise, it could be that Jesse will end up in the highways of Death Rally, Remedy’s top-down combat racer, which, lest we forget, featured the puffer-jacketed Barry from Alan Wake. Talk about weirder than usual.


New Setting

The only concrete information we have of Control 2 is a piece of concept art, and it’s mostly comprised of concrete. But it is interesting concrete, for it depicts the view from outside the Federal Bureau of Control, with a trio of floating corpses covered in tarp and tethered like balloons. It’s a crime scene, and sections of the street have been cordoned off. Clearly, Jesse’s exploits in the first game have spilled into the outside world, and Control 2 may not take place inside the Oldest House, as it was called. Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that, considering the nature of the Oldest House, the game could both be set there and not set there. In any event, here’s hoping we see more of Jesse on the road, in different locales, or even just sleuthing around New York, covering up Altered World Events.

New Powers

Jesse was blessed with a slew of bizarre powers in Control. She could levitate, possess her weakened foes, and sling objects with her brain. But what next? Well, Control 2 was code-named Heron before being unveiled. Hopefully, Jesse will be able to transform into a heron, although it remains to be seen quite how this would aid her in her mission. But it would look cool. Also, she should be able to walk through walls. And some elemental carnage is surely in order: let’s have ice beams and balls of fire! Maybe the Service Weapon – that nifty, shape-shifting gun from the first game – can be kitted out with new tricks. Or, Jesse can take after Storm, from the X-Men, and start brewing up bad weather.

More Ahti

Ahti was the janitor in the Oldest House. He was a “paranatural entity,” he was Finnish, and he wore bright-yellow headphones while he mopped the floors. None of what Ahti said ever made much sense, yet there was something about him that was easy to trust. Maybe it was his wayward smile, or the fact that his hair, a paranatural entity unto itself, resembled that of David Lynch. Either way, we need more of this odd fish. We need to know what he is up to, and we need at least one chunk of DLC in which we can play as him. Bring on the mopping mini-games!



If Jesse finds herself in Bright Falls, the erstwhile setting of Alan Wake, then it would be a nice nod if she were able to drive. Driving was famously cut from Alan Wake; originally, the game was planned as an open world, before Remedy trimmed it back. It would be a real kick to be able to go back to Bright Falls. (This was hinted at near the end of the AWE expansion.) But it would be a delicious touch if Jesse, as the director of the FBC, had one of those gloomy government-issue sedans, the likes of which Mulder and Scully would cruise around in, in The X-Files. Jesse could check out that deer festival while she’s down there.


Barry Wheeler

We already know that Barry Wheeler, Alan Wake’s whining best friend and literary agent, is willing to set foot in other franchises. The last we saw of Barry was toward the end of Alan Wake (not counting his appearance in Death Rally, of course). We don’t know if he survived the events of the game. We don’t know if he was sucked into the Oldest House, along with Dr Hartman. We don’t know if AWEs cause his allergies to flare up. And we also don’t know if he is still clad in that alarmingly red puffer jacket. We need to find out what happened to this giant of the New York literary scene. We need to know if he managed to make it out of Bright Falls alive. We need justice for Barry!

  • Crossover with Max Payne? Really makes no sense, why ruin the gritty nature of Max Payne by implementing sci-fi stuff from Control? Also, wasn't Max Payne 3 developed by Rockstar itself instead of Remedy?
  • Nice.
  • Josh Wise looks like Qyburn from Game of Thrones.
  • Crossover with Quantum Break and more Ahti and I`m in.
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