Medal of Honor Interview: Richard Farrelly, Senior Creative Director

Dan Webb

By now you should have read our first impressions of the new Medal of Honor, seen the trailer and seen the new screens.

Now, check out what EA LA's Senior Creative Director, Richard Farrelly, has to say about the franchise. We talk about whether Afghanistan is a controversial topic for a video game, how the game will use two game engines - Unreal Engine 3 and the Frostbite Engine - and what they have in store for us this coming fall.

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  • Was this interview actually conducted by If so WOW, nice work! The game looks amazing, I never get tired of modern day themed war games without aliens and space monsters.
  • @#3 - Well, it's conducted by PS3T and X360A... you know, considering we're the same entity =) (PS3T just doesn't have the fancy watermarks and intros yet =P)
  • some people tring to make out its a copy of MW2.... thoes people are stupid for saying that and this game will be amazing......... thats all
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