Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster Rumoured to be in the Works

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster Rumoured to be in the Works

Richard Walker

A report is doing the rounds claiming that a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5 is currently in development, with studio Guerrilla Games introducing new character models, improved lighting and animations, as well as other enhancements to the 2017 PS4 game.

According to MP1st, the idea is to have the Zero Dawn remaster look closer to Horizon Forbidden West in the visual fidelity stakes, with ‘overhauled textures’ also said to be among the remaster's new additions. Apparently, industry insider Lance McDonald also believes the report to be accurate, and numerous other sites have corroborated the news.

Furthermore, an online multiplayer component set within Guerrilla's Horizon universe (the next outing of which is Call of the Mountain for PS VR2) is also reportedly coming to PS5 and PC, as hinted at in job listings as far back as 2020. Perhaps the multiplayer mode and rumoured remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5 will land sometime around the launch of the Horizon 2074 TV series coming to Netflix.

Personally, I'm struggling to see the point of a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster, given how well it already runs on PS5 via backwards compatibility. We'll see in due course whether this turns out to be legitimate or not.

  • Yet Bloodborne can't even get 1 remaster
  • I still need to do the trails so I can get the platinum. And I agree, a remaster of this seems pointless.
  • Rumour has it they are already working on remastering the 3rd title
  • Be ready for another $70 remaster
  • I feel like this would have made more sense to have been done a year ago.
  • Don't get why. Just because you add 30 more fps doesn't make the game worth $70.
  • At first I thought it was for a PC release and PS5 owners would be upset without a similar upgrade, then I was reminded a PC version already exists so this is just another cash grab. At least Skyrim was a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5.
  • The original was awesome but can't see much point in this apart from a cash grab from developers
  • As someone who loves Zero Dawn more than Forbidden West, this would've been welcome news....if this was 2025-26 or something. This seems to be the new trend. I want to say remake/remaster the games people have been asking for ages, but now, I don't even want that because I know devs would find a way to mess our old favs up.
  • Well if you can transfer save data then I wouldn't mind doing that New Game+ trophies finally for a free upgrade or maybe €10,- max. But that game is so big it's not something I want to do all over again.
  • It was overrated the first time it came out
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