Onrush Online Services Due to Come to a Close This November, Affecting Online Trophies

Onrush Online Services Due to Come to a Close This November, Affecting Online Trophies

Richard Walker

EA has confirmed that Onrush, Codemasters' underrated 2018 arcade-style racer, will be losing its online support at the end of November, due to declining player numbers for multiplayer modes. Offline modes will remain active, however.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported our game – it’s been a RUSH,” reads a service update on EA's site. “With player numbers in online modes dropping to low levels, we will be shutting down the servers from November 30, 2022. For Onrush fans who want to continue playing, offline modes will continue to be available.”

Naturally, this will impact online trophies for Onrush, of which there are several, including objectives connected to levelling, earning Crashtags and Ubertags, and collecting Gear items. You might want to make sure you've wrapped up all of Onrush's online trophies before it goes offline on 30th November.

  • If I understood the descirption right, you only need to be online while playing and not actively play online matches. If so, that's a major relieve.
  • Let's hope so, still don't get why they can't just autopop those trophies. Can't be that much work.
  • I gave up on this game when they brought in PSN name changes because when I changed mine my save got corrupted
  • Will need to be between level 70 and 90 to get the Geared Up trophy and the Ubertag trophy will be second longest. The other online ones come quick. Thankfully can use a turbo controller auto firing X and RT to replay races to gain levels. Also of note, the digital version is delisted so would either have had to claim it on PS Plus a while back or obtain a physical copy. Physical copies are still pretty cheap.
  • Overlooked game I thought, but never quite kept my attention long enough to finish it. Still more fun than the last few dirt/grid games imo
  • This game was amazing, really cool game mechanics for an arcade racer. Shame this is happening.
  • When are games going to start making online Trophies separate on the trophy list to avoid unobtainable platinums once the servers close down. Evidently not on online only game though haha
  • Never. Those companies don't give a shit about that or its players
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