Sly Cooper is Getting Adorable New Merch to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Sly Cooper is Getting Adorable New Merch to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Matt Lorrigan

Sucker Punch is celebrating 20 years of Sly Cooper with some new 20th Anniversary merchandise.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus first launched on the PlayStation 2 in North America twenty years ago to the day in 2002, beginning Sucker Punch's relationship with PlayStation, that would eventually lead to Sony acquiring the developer in 2011.

The stealth series is now getting three new pieces of merch to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The first is a stunningly detailed print, newly designed by Sly Cooper's original art director, Dev Madan, with tons of easter eggs and references. This will be available to order via art dealership Cook & Becker, or through the PlayStation Gear Store.

The second is an adorable Sly Cooper 20th Anniversary Plush, which sits at around 9 inches tall, and includes a plush version of Sly Cooper's iconic cane, which attaches to his hand with a magnet. This will be available via Fangamer in early 2023.

Finally, there's also a brand new t-shirt, also designed by Madan, featuring new art of Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox, and Sly, which will also be available through the PlayStation Gear Store.

“Thank you for 20 years of support for Sly Cooper! In just a few weeks, Sucker Punch will celebrate our 25th anniversary overall, and while we’ve moved on to new worlds since then, our work on Sly is an incredible part of that legacy that we’ll always be proud of,” said Sucker Punch's Andrew Goldfarb, seemingly reconfirming that no new Sly Cooper games are in development.

You can check out images of all of the items down below.



  • Cool, now give us remakes/remasters and/or a sequel.
  • @apabi - yes please that too
  • Yes, adorable merchandise is fine if you're not of an age when you played these classics on PS2 and beyond so with all due respect, the only thing a fan of this franchise wants really to see is remastered re-releases and/or new additions to the Sly games.
  • Agreed @1, we need proper PS4/5 versions of all 4 games available, not cloud streaming versions
  • I'd rather have Sly 5 than any merch tbh
  • $25 posters? Damn the inflation really has hit us hard hasn't it... no thanks.
  • A new Sly game would have been better, I know they're busy with Ghost of Tsushima 2, but just put a small team on it and make it linear.
  • $40 for a shirt. Gtfoutahere
  • @Dangisckatgamin:
    That's not inflation but just shiity price gauging. A poster is still about ten euro for a quality one.
    FFS, Games Workshop posters in their official store are just 15 EURm and that's a company known for its ridiculous pricing.
  • There likely won't be any new games as 4 didn't sell well and not many younger gamers know the franchise nor are interested in playing it.
  • @vikebone, Well to be fair that was 2 gens ago. Playstation has much more users since then, so they could try again. Maybe them adding the full Sly library to Plus Premium is to test if audiences are still interested. One can dream at least.
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