Splinter Cell Remake Story is Being Rewritten to Make it Better Suited to a 'Modern Audience'

Splinter Cell Remake Story is Being Rewritten to Make it Better Suited to a 'Modern Audience'

Richard Walker

It's been almost a year since we've heard anything about the Splinter Cell remake, beyond Ubisoft hoping to build a “solid base” for the future of the series, off the back of it. We also now know that the game's story is set to be rewritten, as part of the update, ensuring it's something that better suits a “modern-day audience”.

That's according to a job listing spied by PSU (via GameSpot), which is looking for a writer to update the original game's narrative, albeit with the first Splinter Cell serving as its foundation. "Using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation we are rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience," the listing states. "We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable."

The successful candidate will work alongside Splinter Cell: Blacklist developer Ubisoft Toronto, and help in constructing a "cohesive and compelling" narrative for a “new audience” discovering Splinter Cell for the first time. And with the game now twenty years old, there's plenty of scope for updating the storyline, alongside the game itself, which will be rebuilt from the ground up using The Division's Snowdrop Engine.

The Splinter Cell remake is still in early development, and, as such, has yet to receive a release window.

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  • "Hateful nonsense" doesn't apply here. Think before you speak, and remember that even studies have shown that the vast majority of people disapprove of wokeness.
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  • I just don't want developers trying too hard to pander to a younger demographic because it usually backfires. Having a modern vision is fine, but sacrificing an IP to forcefully include benchmark themes is not the way to go. Saints Row 2022 is a great example that tried and failed to capture a modern audience by throwing out any use of satire because modern audiences don't know what satire is.

    My fear for a modernized Splinter Cell is mainly ruining Sam as a character. As long as he remains older, gruff and calculated then all is well. Let him do wall splits and headshot terrorist (if even allowed to use that word anymore). Just don't turn him into a 20 something laid back guy who relies more on tech than combat/stealth skills.
  • samantha fisher with rainbow goggles made me chuckle
  • Hm, a Georgian nationalist and a rogue Israeli agent are probably not that "desirable" in the current climate. My bet is they change that to more palatable bad guys.
  • My thoughts exactly with #14 on how they’re changing the story. I doubt much “wokeness” (at least actual woke stuff, not perceived “woke” stuff) will be in the rewritten story. It’s more about who’s acceptable to be the bad guys, according the Western nations of 2022
  • Terrible news
  • Never got changing stuff to attract new people.

    Like just do your thing as usual and you'll gain a crowd in both new fans and fans who already like the series naturally.
  • Honestly completely forgot that the announced a remake of this, given this news it seems like this game is still at least 3 years away.
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    Ubisoft are criminally ham fisted when it comes to their idea of modernisation. I don't think it's a bad thing to be wary of this news.
  • The 'rewritten for a modern audience' is very concerning, especially as many aware know what terrible ideologies will be put in place.

    It been proven every time, it not hate speech if said correctly, it just a call out but then it best to debate, not threaten
  • There no need to rewritte anything. This is a fictionnal piece of work and happen in 2002.

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  • #28 pandering to far-left ideology and including diversity for the sake of it and not naturally. For example, introducing black and gay characters in film but editing them out in certain markets.
  • lol this game is dead before it's even been written :D hilarious
  • Also this is a forum for people to speak their minds, how immature is it to ban those people for having an opinion. I understand you don't agree with some of them (I didn't agree with all their comments) but you can't just silence opinions you don't agree with, it's ok to disagree.
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