Syphon Filter 2 Joins PS Plus Classics Library Today With Trophy List and 50Hz/60Hz Region Switching Support

Syphon Filter 2 Joins PS Plus Classics Library Today With Trophy List and 50Hz/60Hz Region Switching Support

Richard Walker

Today is 20th September, which means the latest batch of games for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members have dropped, including Deathloop and its new Goldenloop Update, and, in the Classic library, you'll find Syphon Filter 2.

That last one is significant, because not only is it the continuation of super agent Gabe Logan's story, but also includes a region switching option, enabling you to choose to play either the PAL 50Hz version, or the (superior) 60Hz NTSC version of the 2000 PlayStation 1 classic. And, like the first game, Syphon Filter 2 has its own trophy list.

You can take a look at the latest additions to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium lineup below, including a selection of new PS1, PS3, and PSP Classics, some of which (including Syphon Filter 2) feature up-rendered visuals, rewind, quick save, and custom video filter options.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog | Available Now

  • Deathloop | PS5
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins | PS4
  • Watch Dogs 2 | PS4
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 | PS4
  • Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition | PS4
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale | PS4
  • Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 | PS4, PS5
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX | PS4, PS5
  • Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show | PS4
  • Rayman Legends | PS4
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition | PS4

PlayStation Plus Premium | Classics | Available Now

  • Syphon Filter 2 | PS1
  • The Sly Collection | PS3
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time | PS3
  • Bentley’s Hackpack | PS3
  • Toy Story 3 | PSP
  • Kingdom of Paradise | PSP
  • Classics Collection is a joke. One ps1 game every 3 months and we know Syphon Filter 3 is next in December and Jumping Flash 2 is out in Feb.

    No ps2 games are being added either, only those already available to buy on PS4 like Mark of Kri.
  • How is Microsoft able to add older games by the hundreds to it's backwards compatible list and Sony struggles to add even it's own ips? Are the consoles really that different to add older games to? or did Sony just not think anyone would want older games? Just seems weird to me the huge difference in what older games will play on either console.
  • @2, unfortunately yes there is a huge difference in the consoles. Especially PS3. PS1 is the easiest for them though, so they are just being lazy in that respect.

    Microsoft have used the same OS/Architecture backbone since 360 and all have been backwards compatible.
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