GTA 6's Biggest Leak Yet Sees More Than 90 Alleged Gameplay Videos Spill Onto the Web

GTA 6's Biggest Leak Yet Sees More Than 90 Alleged Gameplay Videos Spill Onto the Web

Richard Walker

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks are nothing new, but so far, none have been quite so seismic as this one. More than 90 videos alleged to be from a work-in-progress development build have spilled online, posted to GTA Forums, before being distributed via social media and YouTube.

The alleged GTA 6 game footage appears to be legitmate, and comes from GTA Forums member teptuberhacker, who claims to have downloaded the videos via Slack. Assuming the gameplay is legitimate, it corroborates a previous report from Bloomberg, which states that the game could feature a female protagonist and Vice City setting.

Some of the highlights from the massive GTA 6 leak posted to YouTube include a video of a female character fleeing a diner having held up and robbed the cashiers, footage of the same character in a neon-packed strip club full of NPCs, and a snippet from the Vice City Metro station.

Another clip published to Twitter offers a glimpse at GTA 6's shooting mechanics when driving, while a further clip shows a conversation system and another robbery. Apparently, the user who leaked the deluge of footage to GTA Forums claims to be in possession of GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code, and is threatening to publish both.

Again, the footage lines up with what Bloomberg has previously claimed, with a Latina female protagonist, who is one of two main characters “in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde”. Of course, much of what's shown in the leaked gameplay is clearly in early production, so much of it could be placeholder.

According to Bloomberg, Grand Theft Auto VI could be “at least two years away”, but should the leaked footage prove to be legitimate (and Bloomberg reported Jason Schreier seems to think it could be), as thought, it could potentially be coming sooner than you think.

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  • Looks legit, keeps surprising me how leaks and hacks like this can happen at such huge companies.
  • heres all the footage
    view it while you can!
  • ahh nevermind, they already took it down
  • Rockstar strikes fast with the takedowns.
  • Jesus that’s a lot of footage leaked
  • Feel bad for everyone involved in developing the game. Hope this doesnt have an impact on the release date.
  • Leaks often happen via disgruntled employees or former employees whos permissions to access things werent properly revoked
  • @Devalaous:

    A leak of this size points to incredibly bad security and they must be somewhat sure not to get found out and getting the living shit sued out of them.

    While incompetence on many levels doesn't surprise me in this industry at all, there is also the possibility of it being a PR stunt. Especially since they seem to have actually confirmed it's real with a journalist instead of declining to comment. Even if it's inofficial or just some employees over a beer, that can stil be contrued as breaking NDAs.
  • I had to deal with this when I worked in this industry, some people truly don't care about the repercussions and publish everything they can as token revenge or 'for the lulz'

    Whats worse is that the upper staff then get paranoid and treat the good folk like shit after, which causes more of these events.
  • I don't really see the harm, honestly. It's like a dinner recipe getting leaked. Okay, so people know how the code works. Big deal. We have copyright laws that protect the code itself so it's not like somebody can use it as a framework for a competing game.
  • If you believe anything other than rockstar trying to drum up hype you're very naeve
  • @c1ned1ne

    If they got found out getting sued would be the least of their worries, hacking, blackmailing and extortion is a very serious crimes, they would be prosecuted and go to jail for a long time and I hope they do get found and end up in prison where they deserve to be
  • @Cirative

    Well the harm is they hacked into the company to get it which is illegal, they are then threatening to make it public if they don't get paid which is blackmail and extortion which is both illegal, so yeah I think their is a lot of harm
  • @Cirative:

    The code can expose severe security issues. Usually handled by companies with "how is anybody supposed to know, no need to fix", can contain patented solutions or even licensed 3rd party code, which makes them liable for damages if it gets published.
  • @Ryandavison Those are separate issues to the main problem, so they're irrelevant.
  • @ruben-fcu; it’s GTA.. it’ll sell like hotcakes NO MATTER WHAT! Lol. If anything, this gets everyone excited, who’s been hungry for news and official videos from the game! :)
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