GTA Online is Offering Double Rewards and GTA$200K For New Community Series This Week

GTA Online is Offering Double Rewards and GTA$200K For New Community Series This Week

Matt Lorrigan

GTA Online is back with another week of updates, introducing the all-new community created Community Series.

Community Series is a collection of community-made Jobs which will cycle in and out over time. To celebrate the launch, players will earn double GTA$ and RP in all Community Series this week, with a GTA$200K bonus for completing three Community Series Jobs this week.

Also arriving this week are six new Deathmatch modes - Big Shot, Speed Kills, Hot Swap, Dead Head, Sumo Crush, and Friendly Fire - plus updated Deathmatch Creator options and an improved tutorial.

Elsewhere, you'll find triple GTA$ and RP in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series, while there are bonuses for completing Special Cargo Sales - you'll get GTA$250K for completing one, and another GTA$250K for completing three. The Cola Wars were won by eCola, meaning everyone who participated will get an eCola parachute, jacket, cap, and a GTA$300K bonus.

The Lucky Wheel Top Prize this week is the Pegassi Tempesta, while the LS Car Meet is offering Test Rides for the Ocelot Ardent, Pfister Comet SR, and Annis Savestra. Win a Street Race four days in a row, and you'll also be able to get your hands on a red Maxwell Vagrant. Finally, GTA Online has got discounts on select vehicles this month - you can check out the list below.

  1. Nagasaki BF400 – 75% off
  2. Weeny Issi Sport – 50% off
  3. Maxwell Asbo – 50% off
  4. Pfister Comet Retro Custom – 40% off
  5. Ocelot Ardent – 40% off
  6. Annis Savestra – 40% off
  7. Pfister Comet SR – 40% off
  8. Brute Armored Boxville – 30% off
  9. Pegassi Tezeract – 30% off
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