The Last of Us Part I Firefly Editions Are Being Delivered Damaged and Sony Reportedly Isn't Offering Replacements

The Last of Us Part I Firefly Editions Are Being Delivered Damaged and Sony Reportedly Isn't Offering Replacements

Richard Walker

Following a recent restock, which sold out in minutes, the $100 The Last of Us Part I Firefly Edition has been going out to consumers, turning up from Sony's PlayStation Direct store in a pretty sorry state. Many have been receiving squashed and creased outer sleeves, which for collectors, isn't great news.

What's more, Sony is reportedly failing to provide replacements or refunds for damaged copies of the Firefly Edition, despite it retailing for $99.99. The only way to purchase it is exclusively through PlayStation Direct, the pricey Firefly Edition bundling the game in a steelbook with bonus DLC, as well as the first four chapters in the American Dreams comic book series, featuring Ellie and her best friend Riley.

Numerous buyers have been expressing their disdain at the condition of their The Last of Us Part I Firefly Editions on Twitter, Reddit, and other forums, with the game seemingly stuffed into a jiffy bag and poorly secured. To add salt to the wound, the only way to currently get hold of a Firefly Edition is through a scalper, with some copies going for as much as an eye-watering $600. You can see a few examples showing how the game has been turning up damaged for some, below.

The Last of Us Part I is out now for PS5.

  • Lol
  • Hahahahaha
  • According to this forum:

    You can get refunds.
  • Terrible! I feel bad for the collectors that put that much money into this and this is what they get
  • Shows even more this is a cash grab
  • Sony being Sony. I bet someone imitating Ace Ventura delivered those packages.
  • Good to see Sony returning to their PS3-era mentality this gen lol
  • Can't even feel bad. Paying 100$ for a remaster. Wake up people
  • Well anyone paying that price for a game that's over a decade old are stupid anyway
  • it's not so much the game they care about but the collector stuff bundled with the game they care got damaged. could care less if the game got broke in transit, but if the collectable stuff got damaged i'd be livid.
  • That's some poor service.
  • @AntTheTitch Except The Last Of Us isn't even a decade old....
  • Whenever someone says "do better" I instantly stop caring about what they said. Part of me has the urge to just instantly take the opposite stance. It really gets under my skin haha.

    If it were up to me, I would issue everyone a replacement or refund except for that guy.
  • AnttheTich. Someone doesn’t know when tlou was released…
  • I paid a 100$ product only to receive a 99$ service.
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