The Last of Us Part I Comparison: 2014's PS4 Remaster vs. the PS5 Remake

The Last of Us Part I Comparison: 2014's PS4 Remaster vs. the PS5 Remake

Richard Walker

This Friday will see The Last of Us Part I launching for PlayStation 5, marking the third time developer Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic opus has been released, across three generations of PlayStation hardware. You might be thinking whether yet another version of The Last of Us (at that lofty $70/£70 price, no less) is at all justified, which is why we think this comparison might help.

Naughty Dog has made no secret of how much work has gone into The Last of Us Part I, with a complete from-the-ground-up visual overhaul and a raft of accessibility options among the changes introduced for the PS5 remake. But if you've played the 2013 original for PS3 or 2014's The Last of Us Remastered, is it worth embarking upon the journey again?

You can consult our written review of The Last of Us Part I here for a definitive verdict, and, if you need further convincing of the game's credentials as a proper remake, give our comparison of The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 and The Last of Us Part I for PS5 below. The Last of Us Part I launches for PlayStation 5 on 2nd September.

  • After watching reviews from ACG and SkillUp on this remake, I can see a few scenarios where paying $70 for this would be reasonable. I’ve never played the first TLOU, so if I had a PS5 then $70 would be fine for me to pay for, but I also got the PS4 remaster for free, so there’s not much need for me to buy another version if I just want to experience the game.

    There’s a lot of cool things they’ve put into this remake, even if it’s still weird to “remake” a game that isn’t even 10 years old. That $70 starting price is still a big sticking point in my mind, though. I really hope Sony doesn’t try to force that price tag on other games in the future where it wouldn’t make sense (other remasters/remakes, smaller projects, etc)
  • Personally, I have zero interest in paying full price for a game that's been out as long as this and is on it's 3rd release. Remake or not, full price just seems ridiculous. Also, Part 2 really irritated me to the point where I feel like it tainted Part 1 as well, so there's that.

    I do have to give credit where it's due though. I was pretty amazed at the work they put into this. It didn't strike me as "remake" seeing as how its basically just improved visually (unless Ive missed something). I would have expected them to add new gameplay mechanics or something. Maybe like the stuff Part 2 had.

    I thought it was impressive enough to consider giving it a go after a good price drop however. I never finished Part 2 because I just completely lost interest at some point and I couldn't even force myself to keep playing. But after seeing this, I feel like it might be worth playing Part 1 and 2 back to back.
  • Amazing, just 1 more day, can't wait!
  • Hyped, don't mind rebuying this a third time bc I want to support ND. Also, this game isn't intended primarily for people who have played it before to those who will start complaining. It's for people who have maybe just got a PS5 and never experienced it.

    Also you don't have to pay $70, you can wait for a sale, buy it beat it sell it, borrow from a friend, gameshare with a friend, etc.
  • You can just buy the ps4 version too. Full price is a huge cash grab.
  • 6 years later last of us part 1 definitive edition ps6 $149.99
  • The fact that there are NO MP TROPHIES alone makes it worth the $70. I got all the non-DLC Trophies in the PS3 version, except those damn MP trophies that were a major PITA. Now that the servers shut down in 2019, I can't get them even if I wanted to. Now I can finally snag the Platinum for TLOU.
  • @AdamKaygun, I'd still get that day 1 XD

    ND only delivers gold.
  • @unger. Sad thing is i will too lol
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