eFootball 2023 is Arriving as an Update to eFootball 2022 Later This Month

eFootball 2023 is Arriving as an Update to eFootball 2022 Later This Month

Matt Lorrigan

Konami has announced that it will be updating eFootball 2022 to eFootball 2023 in late August.

The free-to-play football game has been continually updated since its disappointing launch last August, but it appears that eFootball will be sticking to the tradition of renaming the title for a new year, as Konami previously did with the annual PES series before it.

The eFootball 2023 update will prepare the game for the new football season, with the release of additional domestic leagues, and data updates to reflect promotions, relegations, and player transfers across the world of football.

The following assets and data will carry over from eFootball 2022 to eFootball 2023, although Player Card designs and affiliations might change.

  • eFootball Coins
  • GP
  • eFootball Points
  • Player Data
  • Manager Data
  • Objectives
  • Login Bonus
  • In-game Items
  • Settings

More information on the update will be coming soon.

“We will continue collecting as much feedback from our esteemed users as possible, and we will keep on improving and implementing new features to make the game even more enjoyable for even more football fans,” said Konami.

“Thank you for being a part of our community, and bring on eFootball 2023!”

  • It would be nice to know if it will have a new trophy list or if it'll count as DLC for the old installment
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