Sonic 3 Movie Gets a Release Date

Sonic 3 Movie Gets a Release Date

Matt Lorrigan

The upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie will be hitting cinemas on 20th December 2024.

The news comes from the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account, and reveals a pretty firm release date for Sonic 3 to arrive in theatres (in the US at least) considering that it's still over two whole years away from release.

SEGA announced that Sonic would be getting a third film earlier this year, before Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had even released. Luckily, it seems like a good decision, with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 setting records as the biggest opening weekend for a video game film.

Alongside a third film, SEGA will also be releasing a Knuckles-centric TV series on Paramount+ with Idris Elba once again voicing the powerful echidna.

  • Jim Carrey needs the fat suit. Make this trilogy about the transformation of Eggman into his full video game self. The movies need Jim, otherwise they are boring and as bad as any other game adaptation.
  • Agree with Sparagen. Jim Carrey makes these movies way more fun and tolerable.
  • I enjoyed both movies, but not necessarily because of Jim Carrey. He's a nice addition for sure but really doesn't 'make or break' the movies for me.
  • I guess that to cover up Jim Carrey's absence, they could make it dark.
  • Jim Carrey pretty much stated without saying it out right that Sonic 2 was his last movie and that he is stepping out of movies. Sad part is he said one of the things he will do is make paintings and sell them as NFT's. So yea. That stupidity is still a thing.
  • @Matt Lorrigan. *Sigh* Oh Matthew. Shouldn't it be "later this year" on the sentence above?
  • @Sever121, Nope, Matt meant that it was announced earlier this year that a third movie is in the making. But I understand the confusion given how he wrote it.
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