Marvel's Midnight Suns Has Been Delayed Yet Again

Marvel's Midnight Suns Has Been Delayed Yet Again

Matt Lorrigan

Marvel's Midnight Suns has been delayed once again, developer Firaxis Games has announced.

First announced in August 2021, the superhero-based tactical RPG was originally due to launch in March 2022, before being delayed a few months later. Eventually, a new October release date was revealed, but now it appears that Marvel's Midnight Suns might not release within this calendar year.

“After discussion with the team, we've made the decision to move back the launch timing of Marvel's Midnight Suns to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience for our fans,” reads the official announcement.

The game will now launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC “later this fiscal year”, which could be any time up until 31st March 2023. The game will then come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

“We know fans are looking forward to playing Marvel's Midnight Suns and we will use this extra time to make sure we are delivering the best possible experience for everyone. Marvel's Midnight Suns is easily the biggest game we've ever made and we're incredibly appreciative of all the support players have shared with us throughout the years. Thank you.”

Marvel's Midnight Suns had been revving up the marketing machine in recent weeks, with several character trailers giving us insights into Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange.

  • Seems like a lot of devs are having trouble now making sure games run well enough on the 8th gen systems. Either they all need to start only developing for 9th gen and PC, or they need to wait on announcing release dates/announcing games until the game is nearly ready to go. I’d rather a game be delayed than released buggy and broken, but there must be a better way to go about this than announcing delay after delay
  • Agreed juggernaut, like maybe a reveal of it, but no release date be fine with me. Like what immortals fenyx rising did, announced but no date
  • Just cancel it. Nobody really cares about this crappy mobile game. Don't be fooled by 'pretty cutscenes' this game is basic and bland as any other card battle game you play for free on your phone.
  • @JuggernautClone:
    And you think developing against a new platform will be easier? Development tools are already fairly platform agnostic. The technical tweaks are on engine level mostly and that'S usually completely different team.
    Nobody has problems. Release dates are announced so far in advance and are often completely arbitrary. What happens is simply studios getting more concerned about the quality instead of the "we can patch it later" attitude resulting in 100+ GB day-1 patches and start listening to the people who actually now instead some barely involved lead project manager.
    At the same time developers are less easy to pressure into insane crunch times.
  • " How many minutes to midnight?"

  • @c1ned1ne I don’t know if it would be easier, but based on this delay stating that the 9th gen and PC versions of this game will release first, plus other games announcing for 8th and 9th gens but then dropping the older gen, it makes me wonder if devs are having too many issues with getting new games to run smoothly (relatively speaking) on PS4 and Xbox One
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