Koch Media Has Rebranded as 'Plaion', Claims New Name "Better Portrays Who We Are"

Koch Media Has Rebranded as 'Plaion', Claims New Name "Better Portrays Who We Are"

Richard Walker

Koch Media, the parent company of Saints Row publisher Deep Silver, and subsidiary of the Embracer Group, has announced a complete rebrand, under the new name ‘Plaion’. A play on words, the company's new moniker is presumably pronounced ‘play on’, and comes with a new “interactive play button” logo.

“Over the last 28 years, we have built an incredibly strong business, partnering with many of the best-known names in the industry,” said Co-Founder and CEO Klemens Kundratitz. “Since joining the Embracer Group in 2018, growth has accelerated and we have become increasingly diversified. To reflect the evolving nature of our business in terms not only of content, but also of geography as we continue our expansion across the globe, we have chosen our new name to better portray who we are and the journey we are taking.”

The fresh name and logo apparently represents Plaion's commitment to offering “unique entertainment experiences” and “meaningful conversations” with its customers, while building upon the company's “rich history”. “Our vision is to enable and inspire our worldwide teams and partners, unlocking their full potential," Kundratitz added.

“Our industry is incredibly dynamic, the expectations of our customers and our partners are continually evolving, and we must recognise this,” the CEO explained. “Relying on our strong foundation whilst embracing change will deliver something new, something better. As Plaion, we're building on our years of success while striving for more, much more. Plaion is a promise to deliver outstanding entertainment to our customers. I'm happy and proud to continue our journey as Plaion.”

  • "For the Plaiers"

    Nice pun, Richard! hahahahaha
  • Sounds like a move a studio makes when their past few releases either sold terribly or were reviewed poorly so they think renaming themselves will hide who they really are...
  • The poor merketing people don't seem to have air conditioning. x)
    What a load of "PR statements".
  • Sounds like a dildo brand
  • I feel like anything is better then the old name, which just looks like 'cock media'
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