Deathverse: Let it Die Has Been Delayed to 'Fall 2022'

Deathverse: Let it Die Has Been Delayed to 'Fall 2022'

Richard Walker

Deathverse: Let it Die, the brutal melee-based multiplayer action game and follow-up to 2016's Let it Die, has been pushed further into 2022, with the title now set for a ‘fall’ release.

The delay comes off the back of open beta sessions held on 28th May and 5th June, which in turn led to feedback from the community and the decision to postpone Deathverse: Let it Die. The game had originally been slated for a spring 2022 release, but clearly, that's come and gone already.

“Now, our team here at Supertrick Games is working hard to make this game the best it can be,” writes Producer Shuji Ishikawa in an update on the PS Blog. “We are also incorporating the feedback from the open beta survey, so we hope everyone will look forward to the game’s launch.”

Set after the events of Let it Die (which racked up over six million players), Deathverse: Let it Die will see you return to survival reality TV show ‘Death Jamboree’, fighting for your soul in combat, with the help of your ‘Wilson’ unit robot device, able to transform into a weapon or shield.

Deathverse: Let it Die will now be coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in fall 2022.

  • Oh hell yes. Let It Die was pretty grindy with the R&D, but reaching the top of the tower was one of the most satisfying experiences I had in years. Hopefully this will be fun too.
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