The Quarry's Unobtainable 'Hard Pass' Trophy Apparently Has a Workaround to Unlock It

The Quarry's Unobtainable 'Hard Pass' Trophy Apparently Has a Workaround to Unlock It

Richard Walker

In developer Supermassive Games' horror The Quarry, you can find a bunch of collectible tarot cards, which can be taken to fortune teller, Eliza Vorez, for a reading, offering a glimpse at a possible future event. During these junctures, you can choose to decline the reading, which is supposed to unlock the ‘Hard Pass’ trophy.

However, players have reported that the trophy is apparently unobtainable, and publisher 2K has also acknowledged that there is indeed an issue "causing the Hard Pass achievement/trophy to not be rewarded as intended". While a patch is in the works for a permanent fix, a workaround has been discovered.

It seems that the problem stems from the game failing to save your choice when refusing Eliza's help, and so, the workaround (found by JovialTrash4335) involves acquiring at least one card from each chapter of The Quarry. Upon encountering Eliza at the end of each chapter, you'll then need to select the ‘move on’ choice, then quickly pause the game and quit.

At this point, the game should then save your decision, and cause the Hard Pass trophy to unlock. If it doesn't work, you can keep trying the workaround, or simply wait for 2K and Supermassive to issue a patch. The Quarry is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

[ScreenRant via Eurogamer]

  • Sony should just block games that have unobtainable trophies. I'm no game developer, but seriously how hard can it be to just make them work? It really seems like one of the simplest tasks in game development.
  • I agree with @Unger.
  • @Unger one little tweek in code to fix a bug can easily cause another major bug that could easily be missed. When you're dealing with thousands upon thousands of lines of code it's almost impossible to catch everything. Especially if it's something that happened close to submitting final code or day one patch code.

    This was more than likely something that was missed or not prioritized when they had to submit their final code to be able to hit the release date and it was too late to hold the game back.
    Most devs don't prioritize them as high as other more serious bugs. Likely it's something that they needed more time to properly test a fix before launch to avoid other bugs that could be worse. And getting it into the day one patch just wasn't feasible. Game coding is by no means easy, even when it comes to stuff that might seem like it should be like Trophies/Achievements.
  • A rare article on this site that’s actually about a trophy in a game lol
  • 2k is horrible when it comes to fixing trophies. Isnt mafia 3 still impossible to plat because of that and there 2k basketball almost every year theres issues with the trophies that never get fixed
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