Riders Republic and Skull & Bones (When it Launches) Will Be Hosting Special Events to Highlight Climate Change

Riders Republic and Skull & Bones (When it Launches) Will Be Hosting Special Events to Highlight Climate Change

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that it'll be holding an event in Riders Republic to highlight wildfires caused by climate change, in an effort to promote strategies to “reduce wildfire frequency and size”. The hope is that the event will also elicit an emotional response from players, raising awareness in the process.

The wildfire event will occur at a random interval during Riders Republic, designed to reflect the unpredictability and consequences of wildfires, with the sky turning orange, smoke billowing across the map, and inaccessible “unbreathable” areas consumed by flames. Players will be equipped with a gas mask by default.

Riders Republic will go “on alert” with an in-game reskin for the Social Hub, calling the community to action, requiring co-operation to prevent Sequoias from burning down. You'll need to locate the most flammable and vulnerable regions of Sequoia National Park, then work together to clean the forest path, scrub, and cut-offs, or protect trees using foil.

When it releases, multiplayer pirate game Skull & Bones will also be getting in on the action, spotlighting resource exploration in the world's oceans. The first activation of the event in Skull & Bones will focus upon the overfishing of sharks for their fins, tasking players with protecting marine wildlife while observing the destruction wrought by the shark fin trade.

“Like our current societal challenges, changes need to be collaborative, raise awareness, and encourage others to learn of and consider additional ecological causes that need attention,” says Ubisoft. The community challenge will be one of the first seasonal live events for Skull & Bones, which is rumoured for release this November, with rewards to unlock for all players, based upon their level of participation.

Ubisoft notes that it will also be partnering with marine NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to demonstrate that players' in-game actions “can have a meaningful impact on the oceans that have inspired their game world," adding: “We hope that this further instills in our players greater motivation to take part in real-world community challenges that reward humanity.”

Riders Republic is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, while Skull & Bones is currently without an official release date.

  • Hey, you know these multiplayer games we have that need servers that are always online and need electricity and cooling? Let's preach about climate change in them!

    Not against spreading awareness and video games are a good platform to reach a wide audience. But the description above deserves "preachy" in my eyes. And that's something a platform that eats electricity on so many levels and requires rare earths and plastics should NOT do.
  • Not sure that riding through areas consumed by flames will really raise awareness, gamers will probably just think it looks cool...

    And wasn't Skull and Bones supposed to be a pirate game? Didn't know pirates cared so much about sharks. Or they just turned it into a Whale Wars kinda game XD

    It doesn't seem like Ubisoft really wants to help the environment, but just wants to raise awareness on their failing games.
  • @Unger:
    I am fairly sure that sharks rank rather high on your list of concerns if your ship is going to sink or they make you walk the plank. :D

    ... on this note, I don't think their extinction would be much of a problem for them, though. x)
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