God of War Ragnarok is Still On For a 2022 Release, Producer Cory Barlog Confirms

God of War Ragnarok is Still On For a 2022 Release, Producer Cory Barlog Confirms

Richard Walker

With reports swirling that God of War Ragnarök could be pushed into 2023, and separate reports pointing to a November 2022 release, producer Cory Barlog has weighed in, urging fans to be patient, while confirming that the sequel to the 2018 God of War hasn't been delayed.

“Why won’t you all just go on and tell us that Ragnarok is delayed so that we can move on and plan the rest of the year seriously this is getting frustrating,” one such impatient fan remarked to Barlog on Twitter, to which he responded: “because it's not”.

Yesterday, Barlog tweeted that developer Sony Santa Monica simply isn't ready to reveal the official release date for God of War Ragnarök just yet, asking that fans sit tight and be patient. “Dear all, if it were up to me I would share all the information when I know about it,” he said.

“But it is not up to me. so please, be patient,” Barlog added. “I promise things will be shared at the earliest possible moment they can be. We make games for you. We get to make games because of you.”

God of War Ragnarök is currently on course for a 2022 launch on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, spelling an end to Kratos' foray into Norse mythology.

  • This is going into stupid territory.
    Just announce a Q12023 release and be done. If you can still make it in 2022, that's great. Use the extra time to polish the fuck out of the game. But nobody wants a a game that was cramed into the holiday release windows just for shareholders' interestes.
    IIRC the predecessor sold pretty well despite releasing in spring. Or rather, because it released outside of the busiest release season.
  • @1 Agreed, or say “This Winter”, which would include the end of this year through to top of next year.

    It is curious though that the game’s producer is confident in the game coming out this year, yet he’s not allowed to say when. Either he’s lying (which while possible, I would hope he isn’t), or Sony wants to hold off on the release date reveal until a new GoW:R trailer for their 2022 showcase in August/September (if they’re doing that again this year akin to last year’s event).

    Or I guess Sony could be worried about saying a date for this year and end up having to delay it into next year, which imo would be strange of them considering how many other games in the past 2-3 years have done that, including their own
  • If they give a release date and it gets delayed, gamers get pissed. If they don't give a release date because they're just not 100% sure, gamers get pissed...

    Given Sony's track record, they're not the type to push a game that's not ready yet. Given how often their titles get delayed multiple times, I understand not wanting to give a more concrete release window.

    Whenever the game comes, it will be day 1 for me!
  • Take as much time as you need. Just say it will come out when it is ready. I'm sure that Sony wants it for holiday, but there is always a lot of competition that time too. Spring might be better to polish and get more attention in the press and gamer's time.
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