RimWorld Console Edition Brings the Colony Builder to PlayStation in Late July

RimWorld Console Edition Brings the Colony Builder to PlayStation in Late July

Richard Walker

Double Eleven has announced that it's bringing RimWorld to consoles in collaboration with Ludeon Studios, the developer of the original 2018 PC version. RimWorld Console Edition will be launching next month, offering “expertly crafted” colony building gameplay, “wacky” challenges, and existential crises to contend with.

Driven by an intelligent AI storyteller, RimWorld is a space colony sim that has you harvesting resources and attempting to build a self-sustaining society. You can choose the style of your colony and work to keep your colonists healthy and happy, starting off with three shipwrecked survivors on a distant planet.

Each of the three survivors has their own AI storyteller that determines the gane's pace, while co-authoring “exponential stories” that can be hilarious, tragic, and triumphant. Each of your colonists has their own background, behaviours, and part in the story, with some helping you to build or even destroy the colony.

With each playthrough, you'll find a newly-generated world to colonise, unique colonists, animals to tame and train, and random ‘X factor’ actions that can throw a spanner into the works of your best-laid plans. RimWorld Console Edition will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 29th July, priced $39.99/£34.99.

  • RimWorld is an awful name for a series and sounds more like a dodgy website!
  • Also sounds like the name of a store that sells toilet seats.
  • @1 Yeah but at least it’s a memorable names. The worst game names are the generic, one-word titles that are easily mixed up with other words
  • came here for the anus jokes
  • I mean, I wasn't trying to be immature but if you had a friend who came round and said, "I'm having so much fun with RimWorld!" you'd probably laugh your ass off.
  • Yeah, it sound gay.
  • @thedarkness Oh absolutely, but part of the fun of gaming is taking the piss out of the stupid parts of it lol
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