July's PlayStation Plus Picks Confirmed as Crash 4, Man of Medan, and Arcadegeddon

July's PlayStation Plus Picks Confirmed as Crash 4, Man of Medan, and Arcadegeddon

Richard Walker

It appears that the PlayStation Plus leak from earlier this week was bang on the money once again, as Sony has confirmed July's line-up of titles for subscribers. Leading the charge is the very good Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time for PS5 and PS4.

Man of Medan, the first episode in The Dark Pictures Anthology is also available for PlayStation 4 via PS Plus next month, alongside the day one release of colourful multiplayer shooter, Arcadegeddon, from IllFonic, the makers of Predator: Hunting Grounds.

All three titles will be available for PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium members from 5th July to 1st August, meaning you've still got almost a week to download June's PlayStation Plus picks: 2018's God of War, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

  • Another multiplayer shooter ... okay, I get that PS+ is a great way to increase the playerbase and get exposure for your game. But how many basically dead games were featured only that year? You can't built up a playerbase on a service that offers a new shiny like yours every month.
  • This collection is so amazing I have to tell it all my friends. Hope the news goes viral. This is the reason to get a Playstation right now and subscribe to Essential or even Extra where Man of Medan is already included. Makes so much more sense now.
  • okay.. that's nice and what not, but are they adding new stuff to those higher tier collections, or is it a case of what we see is what we get ? hard to swallow the highest tier, and only 5 games total i want to play.
  • Sweet, also curious when they come with updates for the higher tiers. Guess maybe they skip June because it's the first time everyone has access to the new Plus.
  • @gengarhaunting87:
    Well, PS Now got games addedd monthly and usually announced within the first week of the month. They didn't get any new for June, though.
    I can see this being extended as it was.

    For premium though, ... you will run out of classics and new releases sooner or later. Personally I don't see much value in it unless you are into those classics (...and can't use RetroArch).
  • The tier updates come mid month and that's when Plus was updated was mid June so i never expected another update tbh. So we can probably expect an announcement a little before July 15th is my guess for extra/premium additions.
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