Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware is Working on "Several New Projects"

Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware is Working on "Several New Projects"

Matt Lorrigan

Elden Ring and Sekiro developer FromSoftware is working on several new video game projects, it has announced.

The Japanese developer has launched a new recruitment website, with dozens of new jobs roles, stating that it is “looking for development staff to be at the core of several new projects”.

Alongside the new recruitment website, we have a new interview with Elden Ring director and studio president Hidetaka Miyazaki from Japanese website 4Gamer. In this interview, Miyazaki confirms that another project from FromSoftware is in the final stages.

Miyazaki also confirms that FromSoftware has multiple titles in development, under game directors other than himself. This is particularly notable for FromSoftware, with Miyazaki having worked as director on every major title released by the studio since Bloodborne. Other than a 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter spin-off, the last FromSoftware game to be directed by someone else was Dark Souls II.

What new projects could be in development, then? Armored Core 6 appeared to leak earlier this year, while a sequel to Bloodborne seems likely over on PlayStation. Perhaps we could see another new IP? And we'd be shocked in Elden Ring never receives a sequel, considering its massive success at retail.

  • I assume Elden Ring DLC is one of those projects. Bring it on
  • I really hope its Armored Core. I forgot all about those games for so long, then the talks of a possible Armored Core 6 made me remember how much fun I had with the ones I played.
  • Clearly its Enchanted Arms 2 which EVERYONE asked for, and a Kuon HD Remaster to drive down the insane price of the PS2 original, because trolling. Right?
  • bring back Tenchu and Armored Core!!
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