PlayStation Plus Premium Will Eventually Roll Out NTSC Options For Classic Games in PAL Regions

PlayStation Plus Premium Will Eventually Roll Out NTSC Options For Classic Games in PAL Regions

Matt Lorrigan

Sony has announced that it does plan to roll out the NTSC versions of classic games through PlayStation Plus in regions where only the PAL options are currently available.

NTSC versions of PS1 games were released in Japan and North America, and ran at 60Hz as standard. However, regions such as Europe and Australia got the PAL versions of games, which ran at a significantly slower 50Hz, but often had multiple language options.

With PlayStation Plus Premium rolling out in the UK and Europe today, it appears that several of the PS1 Classics included are the inferior PAL versions. As reported by VGC, seven of the thirteen PS1 games at launch are PAL versions - Ape Escape, Everybody’s Golf, Jumping Flash, Kurushi, Syphon Filter, Wild Arms, and Worms World Party.

However, Sony has confirmed that it is planning to roll out NTSC options for “a majority” of classic games in Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Nintendo faced a similar problem when it launched N64 games as part of Nintendo Switch Online, but solved it at launch by simply allowing players in all regions to choose between playing the PAL and NTSC versions, depending on their preference. We'd expect Sony to roll out a similar solution soon.

  • I love how 50hz is "signifcantly slower" than 60hz but everyone defends 30fps in modern games as ok lol. Ah console users, never change.
  • @QDawg187 There's a difference. With 50hz the games actually run 16.7% slower than their 60hz counterparts. 30fps games retain the same speed but aren't as smooth as 60gps games.

    Also, while I do see people defend 30fps I'd say the majority are pushing for a 60fps minimum.
  • 30fps games run at 50% speed of a standard 60hz display. The standard (in the US at least) display for around 60 years now. 30fps existing is literally a shortcoming and technical failure.
  • QDawg187 that’s not correct. Lower fps games don’t run slower, they run the same speed, but with less image refreshes per second. This causes the image to appear stuttered or jumpy (not smooth). What meleeAce is saying is that pal region games run physically slower which can make them feel sluggish.
  • PAL games were frequently unoptimised even well into the PS2 era; Sonic on the Mega Drive was a much slower game, even had slowed down music. You could see this on the Mega Collection Plus on PS2. Final Fantasy X was also extremely unoptimised on the PS2 as another example, Tudis looked like he was walking on the moon and the game was much slower paced to the point I fell asleep constantly while playing it; I ended up with a 600 hour save file just because of how drowsy the slow game made me
  • Lol QDouche187 showing how great that American Education System is.
    Great job embarrassing yourself there buddy.
  • Nice, but I'm sure I'll survive the PAL versions for now.
  • do they plan to add anything new b/c so far i dont see the price making it worth a purchase
  • Game changer for me... No need to purchase US PSN cards just for stacks - the UK PSN wallet will just do fine.

    I predict the line-up will be good in two years time. Not sure though if I would still be as active as a trophy hunter by then. We shall see, but nonetheless good news for me.
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