Jane Foster's Mighty Thor Arrives in Marvel's Avengers Next Week

Jane Foster's Mighty Thor Arrives in Marvel's Avengers Next Week

Matt Lorrigan

Marvel's Avengers is adding its next new playable character, Mighty Thor, later next week, Square Enix has revealed.

As in the upcoming MCU movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, we see Jane Foster takes over the mantle of Thor here, and developer Crystal Dynamics has taken inspiration from many of her comic book appearances when creating her new design, while also incorporating new elements.

“Although she’s from another dimension, Jane is adorned in true Asgardian finery. Eagle eyed fans will notice the connective tissue between this Jane look and our Iconic Odinson, which is 100% by design,” said art director Jeff Adams. “But where Odinson’s look is regal, Jane’s is designed to be fiercer and warrior-like. Her aggressively-shaped winged mask, a departure from past versions of her comics look, is instantly evocative of her core DNA.”

Jane Foster also has multiple alternative outfits that pull more directly from the comics. The fittingly-named Mighty outfit is based on her appearance in Thor #1 (2014), while the Valkyrie outfit is inspired by her time as the hero Valkyrie. There's also the excellent Thordis outfit, which is based on What If? #10 (1977), Jane Foster's first appearance as a Thor-like super hero.

The Mighty Thor arrives as a playable character in Marvel's Avengers on 28th June 2022.

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