Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Reveals New Blightcaller Class and Molten Mirrors DLC

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Reveals New Blightcaller Class and Molten Mirrors DLC

Matt Lorrigan

2K and Gearbox have revealed a new class arriving in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands in the future - the Blightcaller.

The Blightcaller class is a shamanistic elementalist, channelling spirits and summoning storms to take down their enemies. They deal poison and elemental damage, but we won't know more about their abilities until closer to launch. The Blightcaller will be arriving in the fourth chapter of post-launch DLC for Wonderlands, with access granted through the season pass.

Also coming to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is Molten Mirrors, the third Mirror of Mystery. Molten Mirrors is offering up four weeks of boss battles and new loot, with a high-security prison gauntlet to take on. Each week, the boss fight against Fyodor the Soul Warden gets more tricky, but will also give up more legendary rewards. You can see the full schedule below.

  • First Form: June 23 at 9:30 AM PT
    • New Fealty Oath Legendary ring
    • After defeating Fyodor for the first time, new Legendary loot will be added to the Wheel of Fate: Stab-O-Matic gun, Lovestruck Beau spell, Greed Warden and Petty Tantrum melee weapons, and Protagonizer amulet
  • Second Form: June 30 at 9:30 AM PT
    • New Smithy's Ire Legendary spell
  • Third Form: July 7 at 9:30 AM PT
    • New Tyrant's Truth Legendary armour
  • Final Form: July 14 at 9:30 AM PT
    • New Echoing Phoenix Legendary gun
  • It’s astonishing to me how quickly this game’s community died off post-launch. I really hope they don’t make the same mistakes with BL4, but they’ve been fucking up the endgame since BL2, so I’m not gonna hold my breath on them changing any time soon
  • This DLC is less crap than the last two but it's still lazy, boring asset swapped trash and not worth playing. There's a lot riding on the final DLC but the odds of it being good, are very low (if not outright non-existent).
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