Gotham Knights Will Have The Biggest Open World Gotham Yet

Gotham Knights Will Have The Biggest Open World Gotham Yet

Matt Lorrigan

Gotham Knights' open world Gotham will be the largest version yet, according to the game's developer.

Speaking in an interview with Game Informer, executive producer Fleur Marty and game director Geoff Ellenor were asked if the open world was larger than the cities from the Arkham games, as suggested by clips of characters speeding down long highways on Batcycles in an early gameplay reveal.

“For sure it’s the biggest version of Gotham that has been represented in video games,” said Fleur in response. “The most important thing for us is its density and verticality. It has a lot of layers. The Batcycle is the long-range mode of transportation.”

The interview also gives us a few other bits of information, confirming that players can play as the same character in co-op, and giving us more information on the backstory of both Nightwing and Red Hood in the universe of the game. The two developers also re-confirmed that the entire game can be played solo, if you choose.

Gotham Knights is launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 25th October 2022.

  • I just hope there are no co-op trophies or anything that forces you to play co-op, i want co-op to be completely optional, i plan on playing alone and i don't want to be forced to play co-op just to get trophies
  • This is looking good.
  • As long as there's enough to do, not interested in bigger for the sake of being bigger.
  • @Unger: So much this!
    As always the question is: but is it fun?

    The city in Arkham City was largely filler, IMO. You got from one area to another and back again and had a few subplots dotted around. Else it was just an empty void once you did the riddler challenges.
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