The Quarry Reportedly Started Life as a Google Stadia Game

The Quarry Reportedly Started Life as a Google Stadia Game

Matt Lorrigan

Recently released horror title The Quarry actual began life as a “signature” Google Stadia game, says a report from Axios.

The Quarry, along with recently revealed comedy-FPS High on Life, were both being created in partnership with Google Stadia, according to the report. Both titles were meant to be presented as “signature Stadia releases” to draw players to the service, seemingly implying they would have been exclusive to Stadia in some way.

First launched in 2019, Google Stadia attempting to disrupt the gaming space by offering players a full Netflix-style streaming platform for games, with the only hardware required being a controller (and occasionally a dongle). Google signed up new games, and acquired several developers, but it was less than two years later that the tech company began to wind back its investment in Stadia, and shut down its internal studios.

It seems that The Quarry was nearing completion at that point, with a representative from publisher Take-Two confirming to Axios that developer Supermassive was “was looking for a publishing partner as the project came to completion” when 2K signed the game.

The shutdown of Google Stadia had a big impact on its internal teams, including Journey to the Savage Planet developer Typhoon Studios. Luckily, that team has since reformed as Raccoon Logic, and even managed to regain the rights to the Journey to the Savage Planet IP.

  • I'm glad the game was too far along to be canceled and that they found a new publisher.
  • Glad Stadia flopped, would have been a shame to miss out on those games.
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